VooMote Zapper Universal Remote Control for Apple iOS Devices

Plug this little paperclip-sized dongle into the 30-pin connector on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, and your Apple device can serve as a powerful universal remote control.  The Zapper from VooMote uses the free VooMote Zapper app from iTunes to let you control virtually all the A/V devices in your house.  You can define the layout of your remote screens, even define one-button macros to execute functions like “watch a DVD”.  You can also define different layouts for each room in your house.  If your device isn’t available in the device database, you can teach the Zapper using the device’s original remote control.  The VooMote comes in white, black, gray, pink, blue, navy, green, and red for $69.95.  It’s available now at Apple stores and Apple.com, although the online store seems to only have black and white available.

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