Sony’s SmartWatch Accessory for Android Phones

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The SmartWatch is part of Sony‘s Smart Extras for their Xperia smartphones.  The SmartWatch connects to an Android phone via Bluetooth and shows you information about incoming calls, and lets you see emails, weather, Twitter and Facebook updates, and even the time.  You can even control music playback with the SmartWatch.  It has a clip like the one on Apple’s iPod nano, so you can clip it onto your bag’s strap.  Or you can buy one of Sony’s optional watchbands, available in several colors, and wear it on your arm.  It  fits on any 20mm watch strap, if you have one you already like.  The SmartWatch doesn’t have a speaker or headphone jack, but you can listen to the music on your smartphone with a Bluetooth headset.  You can even buy apps for the SmartWatch from the Android Market.  The SmartWatch should be available in Q1 of 2012.  The Sony website doesn’t show a price yet.

4 thoughts on “Sony’s SmartWatch Accessory for Android Phones”

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  2. I really have a hard time visualizing how I would use this “watch” (or any other Android “watch” I’ve seen). What I wish someone would produce is an Android watch with watch functions. I would like to be able to see the time and my next appointments from Google Calendar. I’d also like a speaker so my watch could remind me when my next appointment is coming up.

    I could see adding email notifications but not phone notifications (unless the watch can answer calls and act as a speakerphone). But, really, these are just nice to have additions to my wrist. What I really want is a something to watch the time and watch my schedule.

  3. If i am reading the specs page right it can very much show notifications from the phones calendar.

    As for call control, i think the idea is that you can check who is calling while the phone is on silent. And send it to voicemail and similar if it is a bad time to respond.

  4. I like the watch but I’d like it better if it was powered by motion, like kinetic. “I dont have the time because I forgot to charge my watch” sounds kinda dumb for a excuse.

    Depth gauge and a compass and a stopwatch, then it qualifies for a nice luxury watch, that’s if it’s waterproof and tough.

    I would like to see customisation of the screen and bands.

    I have the LiveView too and the problems with connection were very disturbing. I believe this problem will not occur with this new LiveView2 and I’m going to try it to prove Sony is the best.

    Cant wait to see the apps, and developement programs.

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