Give Your iPhone 4/4S a New Look with MetalliCover

If you’re tired of a plain black or white iPhone 4 or 4S but don’t want a plastic skin, give a look to MetalliCover‘s metal skins. You’ll cover both the front and back of the phone with these stainless-steel plates;  they’ll add only 0.2″ thickness and 0.7 ounces to your phone.  The plates are laser etched with geometric, floral, or even animal print designs, and they are available with an optional gold plating.  A professional-grade 3M backing adhesive holds the plates securely to your phone, but they remove easily with the edge of your fingernail without leaving sticky residue behind.  You’ll also receive a matching wallpaper for your iPhone with purchase of a MetalliCover.  Stainless steel designs are $25.95; gold-plated versions are $89.95.

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