When a Regular Rubik’s Cube is Just Too Easy

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simplicity cubic toyFor those of you show-offs who find a regular Rubik’s Cube too easy, there’s the Simplicity Cubic 3x3x7 Uneven IQ Brick from Brando’s toy selection.  Brando says this toy offers left and right brain training, and IQ & EQ training.  They also say that it will provide fun in your home and at your office.  (I think that perhaps this toy was really designed as an instrument of torture. 😉 )  The Simplicity Cubic 3X3X7 Uneven IQ Brick is $26.90 at Brando.

5 thoughts on “When a Regular Rubik’s Cube is Just Too Easy”

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  2. Good grief I can’t imagine anything worse I never could do the first cube so stand no chance of completing this one! I’ll stick with the crossword puzzle 😉

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