YINLIPS Android Game Console and WiFi Tablet

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This YINLIPS Android Game Console and WiFi Tablet from ishareGifts packs a lot of functionality in a small package.  It emulates NES, SNES, GB/GBC/GBA, Mega Drive, MAME, N64, PSX, Flash 10.X games.  It also functions as an Android 2.2 tablet with which you can surf, listen to music, watch videos, use apps, read ebooks, and more.  It has a 1.2GHz cpu, 512MB RAM, and supports microSD cards.  It can even output full HD 1080p video.  It also has a “gravity sensor”, stereo speakers, and a 5MP camera.  Read more about the YINLIPS Android game console and see the list of supported file types at the ishareGifts website.  The YINLIPS is available in black or white for $125.95, and it ships worldwide.

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  2. I am surprised that this type of crapgadget is on this website. Why would The Gadgeteer promote such an obvious copyright infringed product?

  3. Why isn’t Sony suing these guys instead of going after GeoHot and the like? Clear copyright infringement if I can confuse it with a PSP. Much more clear cut than Apple’s suits against Samsung.

  4. Thanks for this information, but do not you think that nintendo ds is more interesting game console? I want to buy one for my son but I don’t know witch one is suitable, psp console, nintendo ds, dsi or may be 3d version or this simple android games, any advise please?!

  5. My parents one year got me a product that looked identical to this around the 2015 time period, needless to say, there are physical products like this that were sold

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