Protect and Access Your Data from Anywhere with my-Ditto

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my ditto drivesWith the my-Ditto from Dane-Elec, you’ll have access to your files from anywhere.  It’s flexible and powerful enough for personal or business use.  Simply connect the my-Ditto to the router, plug the provided key (looks like a USB flash drive) into a PC or Mac and wait while your files are backed up to the my-Ditto.  Now you’ll be able to access the files on the my-Ditto anywhere by plugging the key into a PC or Mac and entering your password.  You can connect up to 30 keys to the my-Ditto.  There are even free Android and iOS apps that give you remote access to platform-appropriate files. You can also use the my-Ditto as a media server for your music and videos.  The my-Ditto is available as a diskless bay for $110 or with 500GB to 4TB of storage for $150 to $370.

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