The Original Kitchen iPad Rack Has Been Updated

Last December, Julie told us about the Original Kitchen iPad Rack.  The designers have been busy since then, and they’ve refined their design.  Now, the mounting bracket is made of clear acrylic so it almost disappears from view when the shelf is removed (see the bottom picture).  Good news for apartment dwellers who can’t drive screws into the cabinets – the mounting bracket can now be installed with heavy-duty sticky-backed Velcro.  The tablet shelf is still made of high-quality acrylic, and everything is still made by “a local Houston family-run business with 100% in-the-USA manufacturing.”  Despite having iPad in the name, the rack works equally well for most other tablets.  The Original Kitchen iPad Rack with one mounting bracket is $25.95, and you can buy kits with one or two extra mounting brackets for $34.95 or $43.95, respectively.

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