Leather Pencil Caps – Stuff you don’t need, but want anyway

The Kanda Misako Leather Pencil Cap is a cool way to protect the tip of your favorite pencil (and maybe some pens). It’s available in a large selection of colors that include: Black, Navy, Turquoise, Orange, Camel, Pink, Blue, Yellow, Wine, Red, Chocolate, Purple and Green. You can see more images at Pencils.jp. Although they don’t seem be available for purchase at the moment, the price is 1,300 YEN which works out to about $17 US. The big question is for me is: does that price just get you 1 cap? I left a comment with them but have not had a reply in several days… $17 for one cap is crazy. But for a set of 5 or more, it’s not that bad I suppose.

Update: I received confirmation that the price is per piece…

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