RIP Steve Jobs – 1955-2011

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The world will mourn the loss of a truly creative and visionary individual who has done so much to shape the world of gadgets as we know it.

RIP Steve Jobs

14 thoughts on “RIP Steve Jobs – 1955-2011”

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  2. I heard the news about 10 minutes ago and am really saddened by it. We all guessed he was sick again when he took another leave of absence and then stepped down as CEO of Apple, but I hoped he’d beat the cancer again. F#%&@$* disease… Sorry, but this really hits close to home and freaks me out a little. I can’t remember ever caring about a company CEO before… but I really liked Steve and what he has done for Apple and some of our favorite products.

    My thoughts are with his family and friends…

  3. I can’t say I particularly cared for Steve in any special way, but I know way to many people who have lost to cancer. Tho I also am glad to know many people that have beat it. I’m happy to say there are more that I know that fought and won, then otherwise. Big hugs to you Julie

  4. I don’t think it matters if you’re an iLover or an iHater or an iDon’tcarer ( and admittedly I fall into the latter ) , his contributions to IT and as a consequence everyday life cannot be dismissed. There’s very few people that have a profound effect on the way we interact in everyday life and Steve was one of them.

    Cancer in whatever form is a very insidious disease.

  5. I pray for his family at the loss. I wasn’t a fan of Apple, but, this is a free country, and if Apple floats your boat, won’t bother me.
    I work on machines all over the place and one of my bigger accounts is a huge hospital that has a separate cancer clinic. It is really sad to see those people getting chemo or radiation just to beat this dreaded disease. Hopefully some sort of genetic marker or something will come out that finds a way to keep cells from running away like they do in cancer. Even those that are blessed enough to beat it have to have in the back of their minds that if you had some form of cancer in the past, you can get it again. PLEASE take the time to be screened, breast exams, PSA tests or whatever diagnostics you can do. If something is found EARLY enough, these days it can be treated. I remember as a kid growing up in the 60’s, anyone with cancer, was usually told to go home and prepare to pass away. That isn’t the case any more.

  6. Mark Rosengarten

    Whether you liked him or not, whether you liked his products or not, you have to stand in awe of what he was able to accomplish. He knew what most people don’t…the secret to success is not to think outside the box, it’s to realize that there is no box. He changed the way we interact with technology and made a bigger difference in this world than most people could ever expect to. He was a creative and marketing genius. The world is worse off without him.

  7. He demanded excellence and got it, and we all benefitted from it. Although he died too soon, he still beat the Reaper in one sense because he accomplished so much. I’m glad he got to see his iPad take off and take over the world. I only hope those who are left to take over his place will have the humility to follow the course he set.

  8. Sad news not only for Apple and Apple lovers but the the whole business world and people in general. He will be missed and my thoughts are with his family.

    RIP Steve you will be missed

  9. Some kids grow up dreaming of becoming a football star, or a rock star, or even a superhero. As a budding computer geek growing up in Silicon Valley, Steve was one of my idols. He will be missed, as he travels to whatever is next for him. “To infinity, and beyond…”

  10. Steve Jobs was passionate, dedicated, inspirational, visionary, and a perfectionist. He changed the world for the better. My sympathies to his family.

  11. The human family has lost one of its most gifted, creative and driven members, a visionary innovator that has impacted the way we interact with and utilize technology. Condolences to Apple and especially to the family of Steve Jobs—as the husband of a cancer survivor I feel a particular grief for those closest to him. Steve the man will be missed, but may his spirit of innovation and drive live on, to help make this world a better place.

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