Brunton Portable Solar Power Solutions

If you’re planning a lot of outdoors activities this summer, or even if you’re going to be away from power outlets, you’ll need a way to get your phone, GPS, or other gadget charged.  Brunton has some solar panels and power storage units to meet your power needs.  The Solaris 2 USB and Solaris 4 USB have 2 or 4 panels of flexible, high-performance CIGS solar cells.  They fold up to fit compactly in your gear, and they open out to power your electronic device when needed.  The panels work in all weather conditions, even in low light.  You can use them to directly charge 5V USB-chargeable devices, or you can use them to charge up a 3200mAh Inspire power storage unit.  The Inspire is available in black, blue, or orange for $72.00.  The Solaris 2 USB is $166 and the Solaris 4 USB is $252.

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