Steve Jobs’ presentation to Cupertino’s City Council on building state of the art Apple headquarters

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On June 7, Steve Jobs made a surprise visit to Cupertino’s City Council to present his plans for a new state of the art Apple headquarters.  Currently the main Apple campus has around 2,800 employees with the rest of the Apple workforce spread out in the city through the other Apple’s rented buildings.  Steve Jobs wants to build one giant building to group everyone together.

The new building will be built on 150 acres of land which Steve Jobs bought from Hewlett-Packard.  There’s a whole back story about that land which you can watch on the video below.  But the main attraction is the totally awesome design of the new Apple headquarters.

The design is a circle!  One giant circle with a nice courtyard in the center.  Trees everywhere, all curved glass windows, total underground parking and will have minimal asphalt.  He’s also planning on planting lots of apricot trees like the ones he remembers back in the day.  Apricots on the outside…Apples on the inside.

All I could think is that it looks like a circular Pentagon.  I bet security is just as tight as the Pentagon too.

Jobs’ “keynote” speech to the City Council is a good watch too.  Can’t help myself to laugh when he presents it like a new product and those council members get sucked into the Apple “craze”.

Construction will start next year and the new headquarters will open in 2015.



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