Keep Your Laptop Cool With the Chillbed Stand

chillbed ipad standThe Chillbed Laptop Cooling Stands are a way to keep your laptop cool without draining your battery.  The Chillbed stands don’t use fans for cooling.  Instead, the stands are made from solid aluminum, which is the most commonly used material for heat sinks because of its high thermal conductivity.  The solid aluminum stand absorbs the heat from your laptop, and the raised design increases the surface area for dissipating the heat.  The raised design also puts the laptop at a more comfortable angle.  The Chillbed comes in three sizes:  13″ laptops (stand is 12.5″ wide), 15″ laptops (14″ wide), and 17″ laptops (15.25″ wide).  Flip it over, lay it on top of your laptop, and it can even keep your laptop protected in your bag.  Chillbed stands are made in Canada, and all the retailers listed are in Canada.  You can order at the Chillbed Industries site, though.  Hopefully they’ll be shipping to the US, too.  The Chillbeds are available in silver or black.  Prices for the silver stands are about $33.50 (13″), $35.50 (15″), and $40.75 (17″) in US dollars.  The black stands are about $5.00 more.

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  2. Thanks for the great review Julie!
    Yes we ship to the USA!
    So many orders coming in from IN, California etc.
    Appreciate the kind words!
    Now an avid follower of your site,
    Adam Berson
    CEO ChillBed™ Industries

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