Bluetrek Carbon – the World’s First Carbon Fiber Bluetooth Headset

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Carbon is the first Bluetooth headset made of carbon fiber, and it weighs only 5.9 grams.  Bluetrek designed the Carbon with Noiselock noise cancellation, a manual on/off switch, and multipoint technology so you can connect with two devices at once.  Colored LEDs and voice alerts in three languages (English, Spanish, and Mandarin) indicate headset status.  Simplified pairing means you don’t even need a pin code with many devices.  It comes with four sizes of Erogobuds Advance tips and a microUSB cable for charging.  The Carbon has a suggested retail price of $69.99 and can be purchased at the Bluetrek online store and at various retailers.

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17 thoughts on “Bluetrek Carbon – the World’s First Carbon Fiber Bluetooth Headset”

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  2. I’ve been looking for a Bluetooth ear thingy and this one looks pretty good. Now I have to choose between the Eco Sound Bluetooth Headset at $9.95 or this one at $69.99…. Hummm

  3. It’d be nice to see a review from you folks at some point if you can get a review sample. 🙂 Thanks for digging up these interesting finds – it’s the main reason I have The Gadgeteer bookmarked!

  4. Mine arrived today, I’ve been looking for a good headset. My fav was the apple iPhone headset, but that just failed after 6 months. I’ve tried the jaw bone and a few others but none where comfortable. First impressions of the carbon, Shipping was fast, packaging was good, not apple good where even opening a apple product is an event in it’s self, but the product was safely placed in a form fitting foam with a compartment for each item, nice storage compartment with a magnetic flap that keeps you carbon and USB charging cable protected when not in use. What I first noticed when I took the carbon out and placed it in my ear was how light it was, not so light that it felt flimsy, the standard earbud is what I’m using , there are 4 options along with an ear hook,and pen clip, IMO the ear hook is not necessary. Pairing to my iPhone 4 was straight forward , the voice prompts from the carbon guide you through every step. Call quality was great on both ends, ample volume options so no straining to hear, volume button located on the side of ear piece, on/off switch on top of ear piece, call hold, call waiting, call drop are all handled by the center button. The real test will be how long it holds a charge with daily usage along with durability.

  5. Ok Bob, After a day and a Half of use I have to say i really like this Carbon headset, Its as comfortable as it can be in my ear with out using the ear hook,it fits snug, and doesn’t feel like its going to fall out, I tested this while playing soccer and Frisbee with my kids, The Bluetooth range is great, I left my iphone in my car and walked over 100 feet away as was still able to make a voice call, “scientifically measured by my size 12’s”. The voice prompt will alert you when your out & back in range ie> disconnected , connected. Carbon will auto connect when you are in range, (nice) I cant report on how long it holds a charge yet because i forgot and plugged it in last night along with all my other gadgets. What i can say is it went to a full charge from a days use in about 10 mins, but i dont make or receive allot of calls these days, that will chance soon. Without a doubt its worth the $70.00 since ive purchased 2 other brands in the past for more $$ that are still in my desk draw that have failed in one way or the other. Im hoping this one lasts w/o any issues because its an overseas product and i really don’t want to have to test the customer service side of this product.

  6. @Mark L. thanks a lot for the update, really enjoyed your review! If you ever do a battery test let us know about it… For now this looks like the one to purchase 🙂

  7. How is the noise cancellation? What do your callers say about the sound quality? Have you tested in a noisy area?

  8. @ Mark B, I had a good noise cancellation test today, I was using my backpack blower when my wife called, We carried on a conversation with the blower still running, I heard her fine on my end, When see got home she said she dndt hear the blower at all, just out convo, Also i hvnt charged the Carbon since the eve of the 23rd, i was out all day yesterday with the carbon on ” i dndt make/rcv many calls” SO i guess that would count as standby battery life. I’m not going to charge it till it dies, will report back 🙂

  9. @ Bob, you know Bob I love my wife and trust her input, but I’m going to have do that test again, if I get persuade her to put that blower on, lol, better yet I’ll get my Son to do it, and use my phone and the carbon, I’ll be hitting the highway in a bit I’ll make a call with the windows down at speed.

  10. My latest update , since 7/8/11. Last week my carbon broke, the on/off switch stopped working, I was apprehensive about what my support options would be, but to my surprise it was very painless. I was told to send it in for repair I sent it in, and just got an email advising a replacement has been shipped out. Not bad at all. The carbon has been great beside this one issue. , sound quality has been good , battery life still good.

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