Panasonic announces the availability of apps for their Viera Connect TVs

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At CES 2011, Panasonic released an SDK to enable applications development for its Viera Connect TV line. The SDK should help to increase the amount of applications available for Viera TVs. Panasonic promises an ease-of-use experience when using applications over IPTV, including sports, games, health and fitness, video-on-demand and others. The first application for 2011, NBA game time, was release last week, and NHL and MLS will follow in the coming weeks. Nordic Track will enable people to pair their treadmills with the Viera TV and simulate running all over the world using Google maps. Other devices that can be paired with the TV are fitness arm bands, scale and blood pressure devices. One of the apps to be released in the spring time is the Asphalt5 racing game, which promises to provide a gaming console experience but without the need of a console. Those applications will be available for purchase in the Viera Connect Market. The question is, do we need another SDK and a market for apps?

More details on the Panasonic Viera Connect technology can be found here.


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