Watch Online Shows on Any TV with Orb TV and Your Smartphone

The Orb TV device is about the size of a coaster, but it’s a powerful tool that works with your computer, Android or Apple smartphone, and your WiFi network to transfer music, photos, or video from your personal collection or from internet services.  You install the Orb Caster software on your computer (Apple or Windows), the Orb Controller application on your smartphone, and connect an Orb TV to any TV with a composite or component input.  The Orb Controller app will let you control multiple Orb TV devices in your home, and you can have multiple smartphones with Orb Controller apps so each person can control their own TV.  You can even have multiple Orb Caster installations in your home, so each user can have access to their own personal media libraries.  The Orb TV device is $99.00 at the Orb website.

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