Bling Bling Robot MP3 Player

This cute little MP3 player from Gadget4All would make a good gift for a kid who wants an MP3 player but isn’t responsible enough for something expensive.  The Bling Bling Robot MP3 Players come in black, pink, blue, or white; they are all decorated with clear and colored crystals.  They have 4GB of storage, and they are about 2.4″ X 1.3″ X 0.5″ and weigh about 0.4 ounces.  There are two multi-purpose buttons on the robot’s chest to control song playback and volume.  The legs come off to reveal a USB connector that you use to load up songs and to recharge the internal battery.  The Bling Bling Robot comes with earbuds.  Gadget4All sells the Bling Bling Robot for $14.00.

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