WALLS 360 launches STAR TREK wall graphics

Walls 360 is a company that offers large ‘stickers’ for your walls. They sell various designs, but also give the consumer the option to upload their own graphics. So that’s cool, but what’s even better is the fact that they are now offering lifesize wall decals of the original Star Trek characters and graphics. They were kind enough to send me the image you see to the right of Spock with his famous Live Long and Prosper pose. Also available are various poses of Kirk, Bones, Uhuru, Sulu and Scotty. You can purchase each character individually, or get a set of the whole group. Other Star Trek graphics are also available. WALLS 360 premium wall graphics are printed on a fabric like material that will stick to almost any surface – from walls and windows to ceilings and around corners.  They can be removed and re-hung 100 times without losing adhesion, leaving a mark, or damaging your walls. The quality of the 5 foot tall Spock decal that they sent me is amazing. The vibrant colors make it look very life like and it was really easy to hang on the wall. Sizes and prices for the Star Trek characters range from 1ft for $15, up to 8ft for $155. These wall decals can be purchased through Walls 360 or StarTrek.com. Full press release here.

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  • Mark February 2, 2011, 2:30 pm

    ooOOooo..its the Spock levitation pose!

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