Powis iCase iPad Book Style Leather Case Review

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I love digital devices, but I can still appreciate the feel of a nicely bound book in my hand. How about we combine an iPad and a nice leather bound book into one device? We can with the iCase from Powis. Powis has 15 different leather book style iPad cases and even more non-leather cases to choose from. They sent me samples to review. Let’s take a look.

I was sent the Heavy Grain case and the Embossed Floral case that you see above. Both cases are extremely well made, just like a hard bound book. Isn’t the embossed case gorgeous? It looks like tooled leather and is made of 100% recycled cowhide fibers.

I really appreciate that the front doesn’t have a logo. It’s just nice leather goodness.


Flip it over and you’ll see an elastic hand strap that can also be used to secure the top cover. You’ll also notice one of the features that makes the iCase unique. A fold out stand. We’ll talk more about the stand in a minute.

When you open the cover, you will find the iPad holder, which is made of a thick Black plastic.

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You’ll also notice that my web address is stamped on the inside front cover. Optional personalization can be done for $9.95.

The iPad fits into the holder very securely. It takes a little effort to snap it in and remove it. But once installed, it’s not going anywhere and you will have access to all the buttons and ports.

You can tuck business cards under the plastic flap on the inside front cover.

There’s also a hidden screen cloth located under the iPad.

When you’re done polishing the screen, just wrap it around the handle and slide it back under the iPad.

The cover will stay closed on its own, but if you prefer to secure it in place, you can use the wide elastic band that is attached to the back cover. Just stretch it over the front flap and you’re all set.

One drawback is that the Powis iCase does add noticeable bulk to your iPad.

However, it also does a good job of disguising your expensive tablet as a book.

In addition to protecting your iPad from everyday wear and tear, the iCase offers a built in stand.

The plastic stand easily flips up to provide two viewing angles and a variety of viewing options. Here are just a few ways to use it. Powis site shows 9 ways.

You can use it this way…

Or this way…

Or even in portrait orientation as shown above. The edges of the book covers have a rubber coating, that will keep the case from sliding around on the table.

You can also fold the top cover behind the iPad and use it that way too.

I was very impressed with the Powis iCase. All the materials look and feel very high quality and I could find no defects in the workmanship. I normally prefer to keep my iPad in a slip cover, so I can just slide it out and use it without a case. But I’ve really enjoyed using my iPad in the iCase even with the additional bulk. I guess I just like the way it looks and feels. If bulk isn’t a worry for you and you want to carry and use your iPad like a favorite book, the Powis iCase will not let you down.


Product Information

  • Attractive case with a built in stand
  • Multiple viewing positions
  • Bulky

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