YouRock MIDI Electric Guitar from ThinkGeek

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This guitar from ThinkGeek is a real electric guitar with a lot of features.  It has metal strings that never break and never go out of tune.  It supports finger picking, slides, and chord-based playing;  it even has a whammy bar to allow you to bend notes.  It’s a synthesizer with 25 guitars, 50 synths, 25 tracks, and 50 drum tracks.  It’s also a MIDI controller that lets you “load up your favorite multi-track recording or sequencing software, plug in your YouRock, and output MIDI data directly” without needing a keyboard.  You can even use it as a Rock Band controller.  It has a lot more features that a non-musician like myself doesn’t really understand, so go read more at ThinkGeek’s YouRock page.  The YouRock MIDI Electric Guitar is $199.99.

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