Just|Mobile UpStand iPad Stand Review

I recently reviewed JaDu Industries’ Skadoosh, a well made and uniquely engineered, portable aluminum iPad Stand. Just|Mobile has gone in the opposite direction from a complexity of design point of view with their new iPad stand, the UpStand. While just as well engineered and made similarly from finely machined aircraft aluminum, the UpStand is a simple design, meant to sit on your desk and hold your iPad at a fixed angle.  We’ll take a closer look after the jump.

The design is a modern version of the classic plate and recipe book holders my grandmother had in her home way back in the day. The UpStand’s 100 percent aluminum construction and modern look, make it an ideal companion/way to hold your iPad.

The UpStand easily holds the iPad both horizontally and vertically.

As you can see, the UpStand is finely machined and very nicely constructed. As I stated, it’s design is quite basic…..a relatively heavy base-plate, two long, skinny poles and the V-shaped iPad holder.

To protect your iPad’s finish, the UpStand has dense rubber material along the places the two make contact. In addition to those locations, there is a ring of that same material on the bottom of the base to protect whatever surface you set the UpStand on. The holders that keep your iPad suspended in place are wide enough for you to use the stand even if your tablet has a protective case. I was able to use the UpStand with a majority of the cases I have reviewed.

The UpStand is a great way to hold your iPad on your desk, as pictured here. It is not very portable or designed to tilt your iPad at a multitude of angles. The UpStand has enabled the Gadgeteer Kid and I to watch many shows/movies while at my desk. It holds the iPad at the perfect angle to watch videos or type a document or review. Priced at $50, the UpStand is a good deal for a 100 percent aluminum iPad holder.

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Product Information

Manufacturer:Just Mobile
  • - Constructed of 100% aircraft aluminum
  • - Well engineered
  • - Finely machined
  • - Securely holds your iPad
  • - None
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  • Alan January 3, 2011, 2:07 pm

    Way more metal than you need. Check out the Space Dock. It’s minimal design holds securely and lets you adjust the angle, too.

  • Ronald January 3, 2011, 4:37 pm

    Yeah, But with less metal the space dock is even more expensive. Sounds contradictory to me.

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