Pedal Juice from Sanyo Provides Rechargeable Power to your Guitar Effects

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Sanyo’s Pedal Juice is a battery power pack that can provide up to 50 hours of power to a guitar effects pedal. It uses Sanyo’s high-capacity eneloop rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that eliminate the need for power cables which can produce “ground sound” and drastically reduce tone. The Pedal Juice pack can power multiple effects pedals at the same time and has a 3-stage LED indicator that provides and easy to see power level status. It has a MSRP of $199.99, but you can find it at online retailers like Musician’s Friend for $149.99.

3 thoughts on “Pedal Juice from Sanyo Provides Rechargeable Power to your Guitar Effects”

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  2. I’m using mine constantly–dasiychaining my whole setup: the analog pedals, the digial ones, etc. No line noise and way easier than rooting around for batteries and putting them all the time.

    I get many shows off one charge. I’ve dropped and spilled beer on it on some of the late nightz and it still works perfect.

  3. Thanks you for your excellent review! (full disclosure, I work for Sanyo and know all about Pedal Juice)

    I did a little math I want to share: It’s not unusual for working guitar players to use 5 pedals in their set up, and replace the batteries in those pedals every two weeks or so.

    Over a year, that’s 130 batteries in the landfill. At $3.50 USD a battery, the post of those 130 batteries would be $445 (that is $17.50 in batteries for 26 weeks).

    Compare that to Pedal Juice – a onetime cost of $149.50; and when recharging once every two weeks, you can use it for ten years or more!

    So enjoy an alkaline free existence with Pedal Juice!

    Deb From Sanyo

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