Will the LG Optimus 7 be your next smartphone?

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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of LG. All opinions are 100% mine.

Windows 7 Phone (formerly WIndows Mobile) devices haven’t been on my radar for over a year or two. It seemed like Microsoft was allowing their mobile operating system to go down the same path the Palm – into obscurity. But now they are offering an updated OS and a variety of handsets that could put them back on the map. One such device is the LG Optimus 7 from LG Electronics. More info on this phone after the jump.

The LG Optimus 7 has a nice list of hardware and software features:

  • 3.8 inch WVGA LCD display with 800×480 pixels
  • 16GB of internal memory
  • 1500mAh removable battery
  • 5MP camera with special panoramic mode and 720p video capture
  • 3 physical buttons on the front

The buttons on the front really capture my interest. Don’t get me wrong, I love touch screens, but I’m still holding on to the past with buttons. That’s one reason why I picked the Droid X over the HTC Incredible.

I’m also interested in the special camera features like the panoramic mode that allows you to stitch together a full 360-degree landscape scene. There’s also a feature called Intelligent Shot, which is supposed to automatically adjust settings based on your environment.

I’ve yet to get my hands on a Windows 7 Phone device, so I can’t comment on the OS. It does look very different than good old Windows Mobile 6.5 though with it’s Zune style interface.

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22 thoughts on “Will the LG Optimus 7 be your next smartphone?”

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  2. No – am very happy with my new HDH (what a phone – absolutely amazing – only slight drawback is that battery could be a bit bigger – last longer)……

    From what I have and with playing with the Windows phone it doesn’t really do anything for me… it really doesn’t…
    I am more convinced now than ever that Android is THE mobile operating system. You can run it like WinMo or iOS or Android – or you can set it up anyway you like and to me that is really important… I want it set up the way I want it to work…..

    1. Yikes… I guess it’s a good thing I haven’t gotten my hands one yet afterall. I think they are all GSM phones so far anyway…. now that I’m on Verizon, that lets me out.

  3. The problem with windows phone 7 is that it’s a step backwards, not forwards – multitasking was removed, customization was all but removed as well, we must go through their app store to download things (a buck here, a dollar there) instead of just downloading simple cabs everywhere (and I’m not talking about piracy).

    Also, there are already too many “fart apps” in the store, whereas the useful, productive things are fading into obscurity. Am I the only one who uses these phones as my “computer away from my computer”? To do real, productive tasks?

    If I wanted an iPhone, I’d have gotten an iPhone. If those new WP7 devices could be “downgraded” to windows mobile 6.5, it would be awesome.

  4. I got the HTC Mozart in the UK, and to be honest the operating system is a load of pants! you can hardly customise it, cannot add your own ringtones, or even your own text tones! does not allow push from mobileme either!

    The battery is another issue, it lasts only around 1 day at the max! and thats if you do not use your phone at all!

    The market place is also extremely limited! plus when you search for an item it will show you songs and apps mixed together, no separate market for each!

    I really wish I had gone for the HTC Desire HD instead of this pile of poop!

  5. @ Daniel – can honestly say that the HDH is one of the best phones out at the moment.

    Just upgraded from the original G1 running 2.1 and what a pleasure the process was – put on my wireless and logged into Google setup. Left phone for 10th mins and came back to have all contacts loaded and 90% of my apps. What a breeze – took longer to transfer my music and books.

  6. I wish I could cram the powerful hardware coming out now in my Rhodium/Touch pro 2

    And install WinMo 6.5. That’d be awesome.

    Otherwise, I’ll just get an android as soon as they make a decent one.

  7. My wife has a WP7, the Samsung Focus. Yes, the phone software is somewhat limited, but it will open up over time. It is a first-gen OS, right? My iPhone 3GS does not let me add my own SMS ring tones either, and the iPhone has been on the market for 3 years. And ringtones are a pain to add because you have to convert MP3 to aac, rename to m4r, and then add them to iTunes which is a disaster in itself.

    The only thing I like about my iPhone is the apps, most of which are not available yet for WP7. Don’t rule it out yet. What little I’ve used of my wife’s phone, I love it. When I’m eligble for an upgrade in March, I’ll be switching to WP7 if a phone. I love the Samsung SuperAMOLED screen, but I want hardware buttons, not the capacitive-touch ones she has.

  8. @JJMustang – take a look at the current Samsung Galaxy S (seems to have a different name on each provider) as that will give you the hardware you are looking for and Android will allow you to customize your phone very easily. adding or changing ringtones is pretty easy for almost every app.

    In fact there is a home app that can make your phone look very like old winmo versions.

  9. I think the second version of Windows Phone 7 will be much better. I used the HD7 and to me, I would get that over and Android for one simple reason. I want something New! Android is getting played out to me. Not saying that it isnt good. because it is.

  10. I find this “review” distasteful. For a website who’s primary purpose is to review gadgets, posting this advertisement in the guise of a review (regardless of any disclaimers at the beginning) is inappropriate.

    If you had a “first look” or “preview” section, then maybe but to write a review from manufacturer’s promotional material in improper. Or (and I hesitate on this one) if you actually had the device from the vendor you might have some information to relay.

    No loss I’m sure but I certainly won’t be using this blog for any future information on gadgets.

    1. @Alan That was not a review. It was a news item… Reviews have the word “Review” at the end of the title and are much much longer posts than a couple paragraphs.

  11. @Alan. I agree with Julie here. Besides, she stated up front what this post was. “This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of LG. All opinions are 100% mine.” She then posted a comment that a sponsor probably wouldn’t want to read. “Yikes… I guess it’s a good thing I haven’t gotten my hands one yet afterall.”

    Seems fair to me…

  12. @Alan – you got to be kidding – that wasn’t even a review – its virtually a listing of the basic specs with Julie saying what she likes about those specs and what she doesn’t, and adding in what she is curious about on the phone.

    To top it all off at the start of the post she states “This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of LG. All opinions are 100% mine.”

    I could say more but will refrain from being judgemental.

  13. It’s not LG’s fault. They make pretty decent phones – same goes for HTC, sony, nokia etc.

    The problem is Microsoft. In their urge to copy the iPhone, they ruined their operating system (seriously, no multi-tasking? No copy and paste? When your previous version had it? come on). LG would be smart to avoid WP7 in the future.

  14. I have tried Blackberries, Palm OS and Android phones, I still come back to Windows Mobile phones, (now called WP7) because of its synchronization with outlook. I like to have an exact copy of my outlook infos on my phone just by plugging it on the USB port, no need to sync to other websites before sync the phone ….

  15. @Gypsie – try one of the Android HTC phones – they will give you this.

    @Jeff – Android play out – not quite sure what you mean by that. You do know that you don’t have to stick with the standard home and launcher app – you can change the whole way your phone looks and responds – try something like:
    GDE, PandaHome, Slidescreen (more like old WinMo style without the crashes), Sweeter Home and there are more (some which are more similar to standard). Most have free options so you can try before buy.

  16. What I mean is. Android, Android, Android… enough’s enough. That’s all we ever hear about. Sure there’s a lot of things we can do with Android, that’s why its great. But, anything that isn’t android is looked at like it’s dog poo on the living room carpet. Even with the limitations of WP7 so far, it is a welcomed entry into the game. My next phone, most likely will not be Android. For a number of reasons, but not because I think Android is bad. Because I don’t.

  17. @Gypsie: you can’t sync Outlook with Windows Phone 7 via USB. You can only sync that data OT (over-the-air) with Exchange or Hotmail.

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