Another day, another Nano watch band

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iwatchzSince the 6th generation iPod nano was introduced by Apple on September 1st, it seems to be getting more attention as a wrist watch instead of a music player. We’ve covered several watch band cases for the nano in the last few months, and now we have another one to tell you about. It’s the Nanoclipz Watch Integration System from iWatchz. It’s a silicone strap that comes in 7 colors, with an easy to use holder for the nano. I really like the look of this band over some of the others that I’ve seen. The Nanoclipz are available now $24.95 at over 250 Apple stores nationwide and from the iWatchz website. So, who of you out there are currently wearing a nano as a watch?

6 thoughts on “Another day, another Nano watch band”

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    1. @anson Jackie Cheng sent me a link to the Lunatik. I’d not heard of Kickstarter before. The Lunatik looks pretty cool, but considerably bulkier than some of the other straps I’ve seen.

  2. @julie
    I grew-up in the casio/g-shock era, so the beefier industrial design is right up my alley… the “Tiktok” version of the case is more svelt and looks similar to the iWatchz

  3. I was going to go for the LunaTik, but I can’t justify spending that much for a Nano when I have an iPod Touch 4G. The Nano is just too darned expensive.

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