Maylong 7″ M-150 WiFi Middie Universe Tablet Powered by Android

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Seems like everybody is selling little tablets now – even Walgreens is stocking them in their online store (not sold in brick & mortar stores).  The Maylong 7″ M-150 tablet has an ARM9 (VM8505+) cpu with 256MB DDR memory and an SD/MMC slot for adding additional storage.  It runs Google’s Android OS (but doesn’t specify the version), and has WiFi (802.11b/g) access.  It comes with a dongle for RJ-45 network and USB connection.  The 7″ LCD screen has 800X480 resolution and a resistive touch panel.  Software included: digital music player, video player, digital picture viewer, and ebook reader.  You can download and install custom Google Android applications and games.  The Maylong M-150 tablet comes with a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery, an AC adapter, stylus, and the network/USB dongle.  Walgreens (in the US) is selling the Maylong M-150 for $129.99.

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  2. I was curious about this tablet and read some of the reviews, most of which are too positive. Words like “great”, “large screen” and “better than iPad” tell me those reviews aren’t to be trusted. One lists a 3g connection as a pro although he/she has no idea what it is. The two negative reviews (1 star and a 3 star) seem to give an honest opinion. Then again, can’t expect much of a tablet for $129.

  3. Well i just played with one at the PDN PhotoExpo in NYC just 3 days ago, and I can tell you it’s really cool. The biggest drawback is the touch screen is not responsive as the HTC Android or Droid X Phone screens. I had a hard time getting it to recognize my touch without pushing kinda of hard on the screen. I’ve seen other people say the same thing about these inexpensive android tablets too.

  4. Barnes and Ignoble is announcing their new 7″ Android-based Color Nook eReader. Seems like this Maylong item is basically the same thing for half the price of the Nook. I wonder what the differences would be between the two.

  5. @BaldSpot Well, in terms of hardware, the nook color has a higher resolution screen (1024×600), capacitive touch screen instead of resistive, 8GB storage instead of 2GB, and 802.11 b/g/n instead of just b/g. It’s not certain, but early reports about the innards of the nook color also suggest it probably has a faster CPU (the Maylong is only 533 MHz).

    Of course the main distinguishing feature of the nook is the software, since it’s focused on reading and will have its own app store, instead of being a generic tablet.

  6. I just received an M-150 a week after ordering it from and, based on some reviews on that site posted after I ordered it, I was prepared to be underwhelmed to the point of having to return it immediately. However, after using it for a couple of hours, I was very surprised with what it could do, despite its limtations (400 MHz, 256MB RAM, 2 GB flash drive, 800 X 480 pixel resistive touchscreen, USB/RJ-45 dongle, etc.). The WiFi disconnects when the unit is powered off and has to be manualy reconnected when it’s turned back on (but, it can remember the access point password), although perhaps a script can fix that). Things can be a bit slow due to the 400 MHz CPU and 256 MB RAM, and several apps died requiring a force quit, but, the rest of the system kept chugging along (I.e., it has limited multitasking abiities). It gets very warm, even when running on the battery, although that’s a plus as a hand-warmer, this time of year (the user manual explicitly states that the unit should not be operated in too hot an environment – not sure how it would do in a protective case, especially anything made of neoprene). Battery life is an issue, maybe the biggest one, especially with WiFi on – I’m going to try to hook up a solar panel and an external battery pack about the size of the unit’s case, to be kept in a carrying case.

    It’s fine for web browsing, checking e-mail, e-book reading, and other light tasks, but, it’s not going to be great for writing the next great international best-selling book, at least not at more than 10 words per minute with the on-screen keyboard. The case is made of painted plastiic, but, it feels pretty sturdy, and it looks like a mini-iPad, right down to the home button with a rectangular icon (which actually acts as a back button in the browser and other apps. Apple won’t be going out of businees anytime soon because of this product, but, it sure will make people think twice before spending 2 ~ 3 times as much for other 7-inch tablets, even if they are faster, especially if Android 2.x can be loaded, as a couple of people have posted has been done, resulting in much better speed, and possibly many more apps than can run on the 1.6 currently shipping on these (the market app filters available apps based on 1.6 compatibiliy, so, that’s why so few apps seem to be listed on this unit.

    Anyway, I bought two of these so I would be able to restore the OS if 2.x didn’t load, and to stash in the car, a backpack, etc., as well as a gift, if it can be upgraded. Unless they die (one year warranty), I’m probably going to keep them for fun and to test apps I develop to ensure backward compatibility. Hopefully, Maylong will be able to offer an upgraded model with 2.x loaded soon at the same $99 price – then, things will get really interesting in TabletLand, competition-wise.


  7. I really look forward to buying on of the
    Maylong M-150 Tablet. I’ll buy it at Black Friday at Duane Reade for $129.99. GOOD DEAL!! 🙂

  8. If anyone has any experience on the tablet, can you tell me what it means when it says it has a google android platform? Does this mean I have to have an account with android in order to use the tablet for music, videos, and its wifi? I just want a tablet that I can use for music, videos, pictures and that has wifi on it, but I dont have any kind of connections with “android”.

  9. Today (11/28/10) in FL the Walgreens ad has the Middie on sale through the rest of the week for $99. So they are carrying it in the bricks and mortar site now.

  10. anyone know where a 360 degree picture can be found for the carry case with built in keyboard for the Maylong M150 7″ tablet?

  11. i have been using the maylong tablet for a day.its ok for 100 bucks.its rooted,havent put a custom rom on it yet.the resolution isnt that great.internet browsing is about the same as a low end pda phone.if this thing had a faster processor it would be nice to video’s play fine for about 20-30 seconds,then gets out of sync and get choppy.i have the android market.most apps work.

  12. Does anyone know where to get a compatible working keyboard for the Nook Color? I am familiar with the Droid Tweaks and USB pin settings…I can’t seem to get a reputable seller to give me accurate info..any help out there would be greatly appreciated..thanks folks:)

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