Paxton Introduces a Universal Modular Charger

The new series of universal chargers from Paxon Energy is taking a modular approach that allows simultaneous charging of 3 devices. With its interchangeable adapters, the is compatible with most portable devices of the market. Their first offering is the Dock.Id Mobile edition, which is available in 3 different packages: the Dock.Id Mobile with 8 adapters (2x Apple, 2x Micro USB, mini USB, Nokia II, Samsung IV and Sony Ericsson) at a SRP 69.95 euro, the Dock.Id mobile with 6 adapters (2 Apple, 2 micro USB, 2 Mini USB), and the Dock.Id mobile with 6 different adapters (Apple, Micro USB, Mini USB, Nokia II, Samsung IV and Sony Ericsson) at SRP 59.95 euro.

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