Sun Visor Grid-It! Organizer from Cocoon

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We’ve posted several news items and reviews of Grid-It! products from Cocoon.  I’m sure you’re familiar with the “rubberized woven elastic object retention system for gadget organization” by now.  We’ve seen the Grid-It! organizers as stand-alone panels you can add to your own bags and as integrated panels in bags from Cocoon.  This time, Cocoon has brought organization to the car with a Grid-It! panel for the sun visor.  The panel is 13.55″ long × 0.65″ thick × 5.25″ high and has Velcro straps to attach it to your visor.  The Sun Visor Grid-It! Organizer is $19.99 at Cocoon online.

13 thoughts on “Sun Visor Grid-It! Organizer from Cocoon”

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  2. Janet, which one is the organizer you get, the one on the visor in the picture or the one above the picture? They are two different items.

  3. Please be careful folks if using this on your sun visor. Make sure your items are very secure and won’t go flying into you if you’re ever in a collision.

  4. @Gareth Jones It’s okay to have an electric razor stored in the top one, but not a makeup brush in the bottom one? I think it’s equally unsafe to shave or apply makeup while driving.

  5. @Rick Both pictures show the same thing. There are no pockets, just a bunch of interwoven, over-lapping elastic bands. You can slip your items under the bands in many ways, using different bands and different numbers of bands as needed to hold your items.

  6. I dunno about you, but most of these new cars use really cheep plastic hinges to hold the visor in place. I had a relatively light blue tooth speaker hanging on mine. I hit a bump in the road and it snapped my visor off.

    Dealers response is. “Hanging items from the visor voids the warranty, no items should ever be attached to the visor” Even a garage door opener is technically not allowed. I was rather ticked off, so I demanded they show me where it said that, and darnit, there it was in my owners manual. Stupid, and who knew.

    The dealership wasn’t all that bad, they charged me for the hinge (something like $11) and he “accidentally” installed it, while his boss was gone.

  7. ohhh after looking at that picture, we have a makeup brush, mascara, 3 other brush type items. What appears to be either nail polish remover, or hotel shampoo, 5+ feet of USB cable, a memory card reader (looks just like the one I own) and a BellTellesis rebranded Motorola DSL modem?!?!?!

  8. awesome…makeup kit on the visor. let’s contribute to the texting while driving epidemic Cocoon. because god knows I’ve had enough close calls to punch in a door to a Honda CR-v that got too close while yapping on the phone and pulled a woman and a baby out from a wrecked car because of the makeup deal while driving on the highway in Cali. so sick of that mentality!

    1. I find it pretty funny that people are jumping all over the fact that the visor holder can store make up accessories. Just because it holds those items, doesn’t automatically mean people are using them while driving. There are so many things that can distract a driver from the task at hand. Even just talking on a cell phone or talking to the passenger in the backseat… and you can’t tell me that you haven’t done either of those acts a thousand times yourself.

  9. no, I don’t. I learned to drive in Japan for 7 years when I turned 20. all that nonsense people do here is illegal there. I learned why quick when I saw the wrecks on roads that are so dense and compact that a simple mistake can be a severe error in judgment and end up killing people I saw that from Central America, Asia and the Middle East. one thing you learn in a military environment is to lead by example and the rest should follow.

  10. But deep down you know they do Julie, you know they do.

    I will NEVER forget one of my trips to LA. I was driving my truck and could see down into the inside of cars, a woman had BOTH feet on the passenger seat and doing her make-up. She was on the I5 at the time. I don’t think that is exactly what was envisioned for the use of cruise control.

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