Dirty keyboards be afraid!

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Does your keyboard have crumbs, dust and dirt between the keys? My wireless Apple keyboard doesn’t, but my regular full sized Lenovo desktop keyboard at work does. At home, I could semi-easily clean it by dragging out the vacum cleaner. But at work, I don’t have that luxury. I think I’ve found a unique solution. It’s called Cyber Clean and it’s a high-tech malleable compond that picks up loose debris from any device on contact. Just press it into the keys, pull it back up and you’ll see all the crud that was trapped there. It is made of a safe biodegradable material that even kills germs and is reusable. It sort of looks like Slime that kids used to play with. Cyber Clean starts out bright Yellow, but as it picks up debris, it will eventually turn Green, which signals you that it’s time to trash it and buy another. It’s available in different forumlas for Home, Office, Car and even Shoes. Prices run between $5.99 and $9.99 depending on type and size.

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  2. I have some of this stuff, and it’s great for cleaning audio equipment with tons of knobs, like mixers or even turntables because you can squish it between things and it doesn’t turn all the knobs like wiping with a cloth would.

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