Sony Internet HDTV with Google TV

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Sony has introduced what they are calling the world’s first and only HDTV powered by Google TV.  The television connects to your home network wirelessly or with a wired connection; an 802.11n router is recommended for wireless connection.  You’ll also need a high-speed internet connection with at least 2.5Mbps bandwidth (10Mbps for HD content).  You can watch TV, surf the internet, or do both simultaneously.  The Sony Internet TV integrates your cable service with Google TV functions, so you’ll be able to expand your entertainment options with internet applications like Netflix, Pandora, NBA, Napster, and Twitter.  In 2011, you’ll be able to access the Android Apps library.  The home page lets you launch apps, search the internet, or watch TV.  The remote control has a QWERTY keyboard and an optical mouse to allow you to control every function.  The Sony Internet TV is offered in 24″ ($599.99), 32″ ($799.99), 40″ ($999.99), and 46″ ($1399.99).  It is available now online at Sony.

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  2. I tested this out. Extensively. While GoogleTV is a great “tool” and hey, who does/or would not LIKE surfing on a giant TV, Sony’s execution (in my opinion) is lousy. Sony is the ugly step-sister of Apple. Meaning, its expensive, but looks extraordinary atrocious asn an interface. In your face! Here is hoping the interface can be prettied.

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