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The Raw Talent Guitar learning system uses a guitar-to-USB cable that you can use with virtually any guitar and a Windows PC. It doesn’t require you to go out and buy special instrument like the FretLight. The system includes video lessons, a software effects system and an evaluator that actually ‘listens’ to you play and rates your progress. It’s priced at $199, which seems a little pricey, but if you’ve ever shelled out $25-$50 for a 60 minute lesson, you know it’s not bad at all. I would have loved a setup like this when I was teaching myself to play guitar a bazillion years ago.

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    1. @Jerry I’m sure you’re right. I’d like to try out the system to see if it’s ‘worth’ it. I’m talking with them about doing a review here on The Gadgeteer, so we may have a review soon. Stay tuned!

  2. I spent $20 a week for lessons in 1994, for 5 years, and I’ve never actually done the math, but even if I missed half of the lessons, 26 weeks x $20 lesson x 5 years = $2600.

    I mean, if it works and teaches you, AND KEEPS YOU MOTIVATED like a real teacher, then, and only then, will it be worth it. I already know how to play but I wanna see how other people like it.

  3. I have been self teaching myself for 20+ years and I could see value in this type of material. What would be nice is if it could also be used as a sort of studio and/or transcription service.

  4. @Jerry Danzig: I tend to agree, but I also note that one of the hidden costs here is the USB interface and amp modeler — if you buy the exact cable and software (IK MultiMedia StealthPlug) shown on their web page separately it costs $99, so even if they are getting a wholesale price on it it’s probably at least 1/3 of the cost of the package.

    As a (somewhat unmotivated at the moment 🙂 guitar learner, I would definitely be interested in this, mostly due to the software evaluator which hopefully will provide the feedback that is missing from every other video guitar course, but since I already have a USB interface and modeler that I’m happy with (a Line6 with their plugin and a bunch of extra model packs from when they were on sale last summer), I am reluctant to pay so much for a package that includes more hardware and software I don’t need.

  5. @Julie – I hope you can review the system as I’d love to hear what you have to say about it. My daughter is teaching herself to play the guitar the old-fashioned way — that is, via an acoustic guitar and whatever lessons she can find on YouTube and other media sites. She’d love a system like Raw Talent Guitar’s.

  6. I’m learning guitar and am quite interested in this product. However I can’t seem to determine if it’s real or a scam. The only articles I can find on it are exactly the same as the one above. You can’t order it anywhere except via the phone. Everytime I call their number a very unprofessional call center picks up and tells me that the person I need to talk with is busy and that they could take down my name and phone number and they will have that person call me back. I’ve called about 5 times and get the exact same story each time. I feel like they are just harvesting names and numbers to sell to other marketers. Until I see this product available from some viable institution like Amazon or read trustworthy reviews on a trusted site, I’ll not be purchasing. Just seems too “scammy”.

  7. Hi Kevin… and Hi everyone else,

    Thanks for continuing to check out our Web site and sign up. Our Alexa rank continues to go up so thanks a million! I assure you we’re not a scam, and we’re not fishing for information.

    Our phone number is for ordering purposes only, and routed through a Call Center – lots of companies use them – but as we are not yet selling, the call center doesn’t have much information to give out. All of the public information about Raw Talent Guitar is on our Web site. I’m sorry you feel they gave you the runaround.

    And, so you know who we are, Raw Talent is made up of two education entrepreneurs and two professional musicians whose music has appeared on Nickelodeon and MTV. The co-founders are brothers, the CEO is their father, and Raw Talent Guitar is the result of two years of research and development.

    The nature of being a start-up means that we are beginning our promotions while we are in the final stages of alpha and beta testing, so our promotions are a little ahead of our development. Along with our testers, our friends and family are also helping us test versions 1.00 and 1.01, and we’re just about finished.

    Once testing is finished, we’ll announce our release date and soon after you’ll notice the “Sign Up” button change to “Order Now.” That shouldn’t be too far off, as we’re finishing up our beta testing.

    We may not be on Amazon.com or in Best Buy or Guitar Center, at least not right away, but I can promise that we are a company rooted in education and music, and many professional musicians, private instructors and ex-programmers for Sony and IBM were consulted and hired to develop Raw Talent Guitar.

    Please stay tuned to our Web site for updates, which will be coming soon.

    Director of Media Relations
    Raw Talent Guitar

  8. Marc, I’m glad to hear your reply. I can see me spending my winter in my basement hooked up to your software. Hope you get it tested out and make it available. I assume that since I signed up on the website that I’ll be notified when it’s available?

  9. I pre-ordered on Jan 24 and finally got this product. Got it all installed and registered and am finally through the initial set up and have started using it. My first impression is that this product IS a slick as I’d hoped. I’ve tried many forms of instruction and know a little bit, but I went ahead and started from the beginning. The very first “test” which was a simple “walk” down the fretboard I kept on scoring a big fat zero on over and over. Turns out that high e string was out of tune so the “grader” never heard the notes it was expecting. This blew me away. Tuned up and scored a 76 the next time. Videos, video practice sessions, tests that are scored by the software on how accurate you are, chord finder, different amp models you can play through, manuals and online account/support. I think I’m on my way.

  10. First I’ll say I have been playing for a few years and am very much an amateur. I purchased a Line 6 GX last year and love it. I also find that the thousands of free lessons on Youtube have been very helpful. I can type in a song of my choice and find at least 20 differeant lessons for that song. It appears with Raw Talent you are locked in to a pre-selected set of tunes. I’m very skeptical about the Raw Talent program cost. My Line 6 gx cost 75.00 and allowed me access to thousands of effect combos, backing tracks, pro artist lessons, free guitar software.. etc.. And again, lessons to the songs I want to hear on Youtube are free. Great concept to attract all the Guitar Hero folks, but 200.00??

  11. I already know how to play but I still wanna check out their licensed songs for the features, not the “limited song selection.” I probably won’t buy because this seems more like a replacement for those who want, but can’t afford, private lessons, not really a comparison to Guitar Hero or Rock band which are games.

    Raw Talent lets you take out the lead guitar and play the solos, hmm, maybe a little game like, but it’s not. It’s like playing with a real band. Now that is cool.

    I get what you’re saying, but I think if you know enough to purchase a Line 6 GX, you’re probably beyond learning, which is what Raw Talent Guitar is trying to do, and YouTube doesn’t give you feedback.

    Like I said above, I spent $20 a week for lessons in 1994, for 5 years. Even if I missed half of the lessons, 26 weeks x $20 lesson x 5 years = $2600.

  12. If they threw in a free electric guitar it would be worth it!! I am a complete amateur and I really have always wanted to learn to play guitar had lessons 20 years ago. I am on the screen to place my order but I am reluctant, because now have to buy an electric guitar I have an acoustic but no plug in amp capability:(

  13. Hi DJ DDT,

    We may include Raw Talent Guitar packages with guitars included in the future, but for the time being we are selling the package by itself.

    There’s nothing quite like going to your local music store, pawn shop or Guitar Center and picking out your very own guitar from the wall. Learning to play an instrument is a very personal thing and we didn’t want to water that down by forcing you to learn on “our” guitar. This is about YOU and YOUR guitar.

    Besides, if we did include a guitar the price of our system would only reflect the additional cost of buying and keeping an inventory of guitars. You can always purchase a low-cost used guitar at a pawn shop or local music store and use it to learn until you’re ready for an upgrade. My first guitar was a used Epiphone for $119.00 and I played it for 2 years before I bought my first Les Paul.

    Whatever decision you make we hope you continue to learn and practice every day!


    Learn. Practice. Perform.

    Visit RawTalentGuitar.com

  14. I just received RTG. I cant really give a review at this point. Im experiencing some technical issues on startup. Im disappointed I have nowhere to turn for help, and I have to resort to posting on here to try to find some. There is no customer service or contact info on either the website or is the package itself. The only number I can find is the ordering number. I cant even find info on how to return it. I went on the RTG facebook page and even that cant be posted on. I hope I can get the help Im looking for. Maybe I just got a lemon, I understand that happens. The program could be awesome for all I know. I just can’t say either way yet. If I get the help I need I will be more than happy to come back and offer an honest review.
    Thanks for reading.

  15. I spoke too soon, there is CS info on the site. After further looking on the site I found what I missed initially. I clicked on every link except the one with the info I was looking for (of course). When I get some help I will come back with an honest review. Im hoping for good news. Apologies to RTG.
    Thanks for reading.

  16. I bought the Raw Talent Guitar learning system 2 weeks ago. I am 47 years old and always dreamed of being able to play guitar. I am a terrible student and am not at all musically inclined. I couldn’t carry a tune in a suitcase. I am early in the lessons still but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the system. While not quite as much fun, it is a bit akin to guitar hero in that I am always trying to beat my best score on the excersizes. I am surprised by how easily I am learning where the notes are on the fret and am even learning the most basic of reading music. I love all of the amp effects. You can turn on the distortion, learn 2 or 3 chords and make noise that almost sounds like music. Every day I can’t wait to get home to hit the next lesson.

    I had a bit of difficluty installing the software. I still have a couple of minor glitches that I think may have to do with how I installed it. I may remove and try to re-install it at some point. Overall I would say the system is way killer for an absolute beginner like me.

  17. This is just more crap that gets you to spend money by making it “easier”. Don’t fall for this. there are already a million “systems” out there, and the worst type are videos and interactive stuff. I’ve been playing 23 yrs, and 1 thing is definite, you. This thing can’t give you feedback on vibrato, give you pointers on bends, glissando, etc. It takes work and there are no shortcuts.

  18. I have also been playing a long time, 19 years, and I took private lessons as well. As I’ve said twice before, commenting on this site, private lessons cost my parents well over $2500, and I thanked them for it when I realized this (after my first post).

    Raw Talent Guitar is much cheaper – I bought Raw Talent for my son – and it will give him a push in the right direction. Maybe we will move forward and get him private lessons but this is great and he is learning. We bought our other son golf clubs but now they sit there. Kids get bored and this helps.

    And yes, they have lessons on bending and vibrato. It doesn’t offer pointers on WHY you messed up, but it does tell you when you messed up and suggests you keep practicing to get those bends and vibratos sounding proper. The instructor does a great job of telling my son that it’s work, it takes practice, and that he needs to slow down in order to get it perfect. (I’m even tinkering with the bonus songs which seem fine, but I don’t have much time.)

    Please buy this product and THEN bash it if you are to bash it. There may be some negatives, as indicated by comments above, but even those comments have positive gems in line with my positivity toward this product.

    Look, he put down rock band and guitar hero, stepped away from the video games (for a bit, now he’s back and forth) and he’s learning real guitar.

  19. I just heard about this program on SAT RAD; I have been playing for about 4 years picking up what I can from whomever (mostly you tube). Not ever taken lessons before I would like to hear some additional feedback as well. I would not mind the spend if it helps me progress; however; 200 bucks could go towards a new amp instead of this program… (my Peavey is 30 years old and sounds it)

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