R2-D2 USB Hub from ThinkGeek

ThinkGeek has another cute item for the Star Wars aficionado.  This little officially-licensed R2-D2 has 4 USB 2.0 ports along the base of his chassis.  His legs are articulated, so you can adjust his position to make him recline or stand straight.  He chirps, beeps, and squeals when you plug something into one of his ports.  The hub is powered by your USB bus, but you can use a 7.5V external power supply (not included) if your devices need more power.  There are no dimensions given, but you can get an idea of the size in the inset picture.  Get your own R2-D2 USB Hub for $39.99.

1 thought on “R2-D2 USB Hub from ThinkGeek”

  1. I purchased this one awhile back when it was more expensive. Just a heads up to potential buyers. This R2D2 USB Hub is NOT the same as the ones on youtube where the head spins and lights blink. This is pretty much a standard 4 port usb hub in a R2D2 casing.

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