The Flipside Wallet gets an update

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flipsideThis goes out to those of you that are always on the lookout for a unique wallet. Remember the Flipside wallet? Well, they’ve updated it with some cool new features that make me want to try one right away. Updates include the ability to hold 7 credit cards instead of 6, a removable business card / receipt holder that snaps to the outside of the wallet, a new money clip that can hold up to 12 bills, and stronger construction. It still has RFID shielding to protect your credit and debit cards from RFID thieves too. The Flipside 2x is available now for $39.95.

8 thoughts on “The Flipside Wallet gets an update”

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  2. I have the original Flipside but stopped using it because of some of the drawbacks. I had issues with where to hold my drivers license and also it was sometimes a hassle trying to get cash out of the money holder side.
    It looks like they may have addressed these problems but it also looks like it is thicker then the original version. I didn’t see anywhere on the website that describes the dimensions….though I am at work and can’t delve into it too deeply right now.

  3. Mark Rosengarten

    I bought the Flipside 3 and it was a piece of garbage. The nylon billfold tore free within days. Flipside denied any defect, yet they pulled the product shortly after releasing it. I ordered the new 2x, but I have a lot of trepidation as to whether or not this wallet will have fatal defects as well.

  4. I remember I got the 1st version from their website, shipped to Finland with no problems. Now there’s a rude message about no international orders. I call it rude, because their “international” page is only for the UK and Canada – and all other orders will be refused.

    WTF, my money was good enough to fund your company the first time. It’s not good enough now? You can pick and choose customers? Well fine, if you don’t want to sell wallets, then you won’t.

    And deer Flipside, thanks for ignoring emails and tweets on the subject. It’s not gone unnoticed.

    Basically, I think either they always were, or they eventually became, a company run by jerks.

    Maybe their product is good, maybe it isn’t, but I’d sooner send money SFBag’s or Saddleback’s or Tom Bihn’s way.

  5. Just ordered the blue one. Unfortunately the black and white were out of stock, with no info regarding availability. Now I’ll be teased every time I pull my new wallet out of my gear bag. Fortunately my gear bag also carries a handgun, so I should be able to keep the teasing to a minimum…

  6. I was trying to buy one on their website…. makes you jump thru hoops if you are buying outside the US. And you will be a happy camper- as long as you want BLUE!!! (which is the only colour they have left instock)

  7. Actually, I must have bought the last one currently in existence. They are all listed out of stock now. Either they are very popular, or the person in charge of their inventory is curiously incompetent…

  8. Mark Rosengarten

    This iteration of this wallet is OUTSTANDING. Pure and simple. It is simply the best wallet I have ever thought of owning.

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