Would you spend $295 to prop up your iPad?

We’ve seen a bazillion different iPad stands here at The Gadgeteer, but this iPad stand from Weisbeck Design Studio’s is the first $300 stand we’ve seen. It’s made of American Cherry hardwood with a polished aluminum base. It’s definitely gorgeous, I’ll give it that. But you can buy half an iPad for that price. At what point does the purchase of a luxury accessory become crazy? Advice from Julie – If you want a hardwood iPad stand, check out the Scott A. Snyder stands and save yourself $230.

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11 thoughts on “Would you spend $295 to prop up your iPad?”

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  2. A few days ago, I did a Google search for “cutest Danish girl”. Now, I get three places on your site where

    “Searching for cutest Danish girl” shows up boldface and highlighted in yellow. I’ve been following Gadgeteer for years, but I consider this to be a major invasion of my privacy and I’ll be deleting your site from my list of links unless this situation is corrected.

    Best regards,

  3. I think he’s seeing targeted ads. I was just searching for ebook versions of textbooks, and now I have “textbook ebooks for high school” highlighted in yellow showing up three times on this page.

    1. @Adam Apparently the google ads here on the site are showing each user relevant ads in the side bar, etc. I guess he’s mad that google is giving him more options to find Danish girls when that is what he was searching for. I don’t see the problem 🙂

  4. Either he was an attempted spambot (the sentences were grammatically correct, but otherwise nonsensical), or else he’s got weird Google ads due to his previously searching for ‘cutest Danish girl’. I think he needs to complain to Google, or at least learn to sanitize his search history. 😉

    Incidentally, I used to think the Joule Stand was overpriced… but compared to this monster, it seems extremely reasonable.

  5. @ucfgrad93:Hmmm… a lot of people buy a house just to have a place to put the large screen LCD TV. So using “half the cost” as a criteria may be a bit limiting. Just sayin’ …

  6. I *might* pay a large price for an accessory for an iPhone/iPad. But only if it increased the functionality a lot. I certainly wouldn’t pay that much to make it look pretty. It already looks pretty.

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