As if getting up in the morning weren’t bad enough…

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tockyTocky is an updated version of Clocky – the mobile alarm clock. And by “mobile”, I mean that it will roll around the floor of your bedroom when the alarm goes off. The idea is that you’ll be required to drag your dead butt out of bed to chase it down to turn it off. I know that this product is supposed to be cute. But the thoughts of having to chase my alarm clock around the room as it rolls around the floor just makes me… grumpy. If you’re not a sleep deprived grouch like I am and you think Tocky sounds like fun, you can get one of you own in 4 different colors at $79. It will even play your fave MP3s or recorded messages.

4 thoughts on “As if getting up in the morning weren’t bad enough…”

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    1. @Rob Max woke me up the night before last by reaching up on the night stand to pull off my glasses. He did it about 3 times and once he dragged the glasses around the room till I retrieved them. Who needs an alarm clock when you have a cat that wakes you up at 3am? 🙂

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