Why I’m ditching my iPhone 4 and AT&T for a Verizon Android phone

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I bet the title of this post surprises a lot of people that visit The Gadgeteer on a regular basis given the fact that I just posted a favorable review of the iPhone 4 a few days ago. It’s true that I’ve been a relatively happy user of the iPhone since Apple released the first version back in 2007. So why am I dumping the iPhone now? And why Android?

I say I’m relatively happy because while I love iPhone hardware, I am less than enthusiastic with AT&T’s call quality and data reception in my area (Columbus, IN). I touched on this fact in my iPhone 4 review and while the antennagate issues may plague some people, I haven’t had any dropped calls with mine. But I have been putting up with clicks and other audio bleeding into my calls on a regular basis. This hasn’t been an iPhone-only phenomenon for me though. I’ve experienced these problems with almost all GSM phones I’ve tested in the last few years. I’ve been dealing with these AT&T issues for a long time because I haven’t found a phone from Verizon that has made me want to switch. Till now.

For the past 2 weeks I’ve been testing the Motorola Droid X. I didn’t think I’d end up liking it as much as I do. The last Android phone that I reviewed was the Nexus One back in March of this year. Even though I enjoyed using the Nexus, it didn’t make me want to stop using the iPhone. At that time, I was still hung up on the fact that Android apps seemed inferior to iPhone apps. I often told people that comparing Android apps to iPhone apps was like comparing Commodore 64 apps to OS X apps. I still think there is a lot of catching up to do on that front, but it’s significantly better than it was 5 months ago.

How Android and the Droid X won me over

Call quality. The first time I called Jeanne with the DX, she was like “What phone are you on? It sounds so clear”. Which was a nice change of pace from all the other times I’ve called her with my iPhone and her comment has been “Your phone is crap!”.

3G Data Consistency. AT&T’s 3G speeds might be faster than Verizon, but Verizon is way more consistent as far as actually working when you need it. There are so many times when I try to check the weather, stocks, email, etc, that my phone will just sit there mocking me. Heck, 90% of the time I don’t even see the 3G icon in my iPhone’s status bar. I love it that I can bring up the browser on the DX, point it to a page and boom, it’s loaded.  Same goes for checking email or browsing around in the app market.

The display. This is the first display that has felt just as responsive as the iPhone for scrolling, pinching and zooming. Not to mention the fact that it is just plain gorgeous and HUGE.

Homescreen widgets. Why the heck Apple hasn’t added this feature to the iPhone is beyond me… I’ve always liked the fact that Android allows quite a bit of customization to the home screens. I also like live wallpaper. I know that’s mostly just eye candy and not important, but I like eye candy 🙂

The first two items are the main reasons why I’ve decided to terminate my AT&T contract. It’s going to cost me over $200 to do this, so it’s not like it’s going to be painless.

I’m not 100% sure which Android phone I’m going to end up with yet. I’m loving the Droid X, but am not sure about the size. I love the large screen, but the phone sticks out of the top my back jeans pocket and cargo pants pocket when I am walking around with it. I’d like to compare it to the HTC Incredible, Droid 2 and the upcoming Fascinate before I decide for sure. I just know that I can’t wait to make the jump and dive head first into all things Android. That doesn’t mean I’m suddenly anti Apple or iPhone though… I’m still loving my iPad and Macs, so there’s no fear of that happening. 🙂

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  2. You switched so you could be cool like me!
    Kidding. I also went from iPhone 4 to the same Droid X. I’m loving the ginormous screen too.

  3. I’m still deciding on what new phone I should upgrade to. Currently I have the iPhone 3G. Yes it’s old but I still like it. Unfortunately, I’m stuck on AT&T so I won’t be leaving it for Verizon. Still debating over upgrading to the iPhone 4 (keeping all my purchased apps) or moving on to Android OS, either the Dell Streak (huge 5″ phone) or Sony Xperia X10 (running OS 1.6).
    Such a hard decision….

  4. How does the Droid X ride in a shirt pocket? I thought from looking at it it might sit comfortably there with the camera hump sticking out over the top (allowing for convenient front facing video) but I haven’t handled one yet.

  5. Well, Julie. We’ve talked about this and I’m with you. Unfortunately I’ve got THREE phones on a family plan. Two of them are iPhone 4’s meaning that my early termination fees alone would be closer to $1000 than $100. I’m actually worrying myself SICK over this type of thing and it’s just silly.

    On YOUR end, take a gander at this:

    That should help reaffirm your decision – as if you needed it 🙂

  6. Keep us posted with your experience with Android and Verizon. I’m of the same mindset. My ATT service with my 3G iPhone is getting worse if anything. I’m tired of extremely slow web page loading, tired of audio glitches with the iPhone, and really tired of dropped calls and poor coverage from ATT in my area.

    I’m thinking of getting an iPad that’s better at all the things I like on the iPhone and getting a good smart phone on Verizon.

  7. I’ve had the Droid since last November and still love it. I will definately move to the Droid 2 when it comes out. The Droid 2 fixed the slight drawbacks the original had (imo) which were the silly cursor pad on the right…which has now been replaced with smaller arrow buttons and allowed the mechanical keyboard to have larger buttons (yay)
    I don’t always use the mechanical keyboard but its nice to have there if wanted.
    Also, the bigger, faster processor will be a nice improvement also.

  8. Welcome to the dark side. 🙂 I think the Incredible would be a great choice for you. Definitely give it a spin. I too am waiting on checking VZW’s version of the Galaxy S before pulling the trigger. Thankfully terminating T-Mo’s plan early for me at this point is only $50.

    I give better than average odds that I’ll be sporting a Droid X soon, though. I am debating going for the 1-year discount instead of the 2-year discount and lock-in.

  9. I just switched also and while I agree with the writers comments he left out the two reasons I switched. 1- Real turn by turn navigation, better than my tomtom. 2- SWIPE, how did I send text messages before this amazing input method. Long live Android!

  10. Welcome to the Android family, Julie.

    ATT is about 80% of the reason why I’m not using an iPhone. I like the hardware and would put up with the quirks of the “Apple way”, but i can’t get past ATT and past horrific experiences with them. I fully realize that people have had similar horror stories for every other carrier.

    I’ve been using a Droid Incredible since day one that it came available. It, like every other phone on the planet, isn’t perfect, but it’s still a really enjoyable device. The widgets are brilliant and some of the customization apps (Tasker, LauncherPro, Multicon to name a few) are really impressively useful and amazingly innovative.

    I like the newer devices and the huge displays…but the overall device size keeps me on my Incredible. If I have to think about if i want to lug my phone with me…then it’s too big. For me, as a guy without a man bag/satchel/gear bag…i only have my pockets and they’re not that huge. Incredible for me.

  11. As I posted on your iPhone 4 review, I just recently purchased the HTC Incredible. I didn’t opt out of my at&t contract, rather I decided to add to it with the Verizon contract. The way I see it, I am a pretty good guy, but I have my flaws. My wife is pretty terrific, but she has a few shortcomings as well. Together, however, we make a great team. I anticipate this union between my iPhone 3GS and my Droid Incredible to be a similar duo. I’ll use my iPhone when I need an iPhone, and I’ll have the Android to fill in the all the gaps. So far, I’m really enjoying the new OS, all the customization it offers, and even the live wallpapers. I like eye candy too…which is one of the reasons I love my wife so much.

  12. I’ve got a Iphone 4 and the EVO 4g. I like sprint service and have had it for years. But I like the iphone as a data device. I’ve notice a couple times that att didn’t have data service, but sprint always has it. The one thing i don’t like about android is the battery life. Not being able to make it last as long as iphone without jumping through significant hoops is an pain. The quality of android apps is getting better, but its still no where near iphone apps. I sure hope the rumors of sprint getting the iphone come true. That would be a boon for both companies.

  13. @ Julie – Although I am a mite stunned, I can’t blame you much for flaking on AT&T and the iPhone for your mentioned reasons.
    I am in the same boat as Andrew and stuck in a contract.
    Please keep us posted as to exactly what you wind up with for “keeps” 🙂

  14. OR you could wait until closer to the end of the year when the DROID PRO is released. it is slated to have a 4″ display and a dual core 1.2-1.3 gig proc. if you want a size then that might be worth the wait. 4″ screens seem to be the rage and a touch smaller might not be too bad…

  15. Hi, just came back to the States and am looking for a new mobile. I have had the 3g and 3gs and was excited about the 4 until the antennae issue. I have always had dropped calls with AT&T which irritates me to no end. I just checked out the Droid X and like that it is big. Easier on my eyes. Still looking to test drive until I commit so thank you for the information.

  16. Hey Julie I just made the switch myself from a iphone 3g to an evo 4g in June. I debated a long time and what made me switch was the larger screen (i do lots of reading on the phone) the faster data access (here in san antonio, tx even at 3g speeds the evo is faster than the iphone 3gs which my hubby has) plus the free wifi tethering I can use for my ipad once i rooted the evo. I think someone stated earlier my biggest complaint has been battery power. I do find myself charging the phone lots more than i used to charge the iphone. All in all I am very happy with the switch

  17. Must say, my iPhone 4 is great. Retina display amazes me everytime I use it, and I don’t drop calls, hear clicks, or have any interruption whatsoever. I’m not an apple fan boy, I’ve only owned an iPhone(each version) but I’ve always had pc’s, never even used a Mac. I’ve tried the new 4g sprint phone, and played with a few droids, and all my “droid” friends start out loving their phones, but now all want an iPhone and out of their contracts with sprint/verizon. To each his or her own. Good luck with your switch

  18. I’m not super excited about the iPhone 4 and I have the iPhone 3gs. With that said, I was at dinner the other night with a friend who has the p.o.s. Droid X and we were looking up youtube videos. My 3gs burned him on speed and looked sharper. The Droid(s) look cheap and the phone is bulky and awkward. Yes, AT&T sucks sometimes but Verizon’s customer service (whom I was with for 4 yrs prior to AT&T last year) is GARBAGE! Sarcastic, rude and a pain in the ass to get money back when cancelling with them!

  19. i have the motorola droid x & i will tell you i absolutely love this.phone. i went from a wackberry storm 2 to tthe incredible (i had for about a month) then to the droid x. i got the x and never looked back. this phone is amazingly fast & has so many more features than any other phone out there. verizon is by far the best network out there. not even the droid 2 can compare to the x. the x has bigger display HD video & an 8mp camera. i have been more than satisfied with this phone & once this phone gets froyo it’ll be that much better. hope this helps with your decision, have a nice day (:

  20. Wow! I post, leave work to go get groceries, come back and there are already 21 comments!

    @Michael Anderson I won’t say AT&T is junk here, but it’s about 2 steps above it 😉

    @Andy I always try to be like you 🙂

    @Jackie No Verizon in Jersey?

    @Raph84 I’m a girl, we don’t put phones in our shirt pockets 😉 I have carried the Droid X in my jeans and cargo pants pockets tho. It sticks out of the top. But then again, I’m a girl, so my pockets are a bit smaller than a guy’s pockets. One of my friend’s at work saw my loaner DX and has ordered one and plans to carry it in his pocket. He even tested it… so I guess it’s ok.

    @Andrew I’m going to feel some of that early termination pain. I think it will cost me $225. No where near your $1000 though 🙁
    Wow, voice control is great. I use it on the iPhone to make calls, but I love that you can use it on Android to make notes. I could use that to capture story ideas while driving.

    @BJN I think that’s one reason why I haven’t jumped till now. I was afraid I’d miss the apps… because I still love iPhone apps the best. But since I have my iPad, I can still use them 🙂

    @Mark I definitely want to try a Droid 2 before I decide which phone to get. I’m leaning on DX right now though… But I just got the Incredible to try out, so we’ll see if I like it more than the DX.

    @Thad Would you believe that I have not spent that much on apps? I have spent more on iPad apps than I’ve ever spent on iPhone apps. And I can still use them if I want. My iPhone 4 won’t self destruct when I terminate my contract. It just won’t be able to make phone calls. Wifi will still work.

    @Bryan We’ll see about the Incredible. It’s in a box here by my side. I’ll be playing with it soon. The Retina display is better, but the DX screen is gorgeous too – and huge. To my eyes, the difference isn’t extreme.

    @MB Edgington Yes, Swipe is great!!! And I’m not a ‘he’ 🙂

    @Clymmer I may be going with the Incredible too. I also want to see what the Fascinate will be like. That’s the Galaxy S phone for Verizon. So I’ll want to wait till it comes out – which I hope is soon!

    @Kyrptic I could do that too – Stay with AT&T and also get a Verizon contract. But I don’t want two monthly bills. I already have plenty of other ones 😉

    @tomas316 I had some issues with this DX and battery life. Then I turned off some widgets (Facebook and a couple others) and the battery life doubled.

    @Don Holt Yes, I’ll keep you all posted on which phone I decide to pick 🙂

    @eric ARGH, why did you have to mention yet another phone? 😉
    I have a real problem when it comes to making choices between more than 2 things.

    @Elizabeth the DX is definitely very easy on the eyes. It’s great for ebook reading.

    @Lynn which ebook reader app do you like best? I wish there was a version of Stanza for Android…

    @Matt and Beefy Cakes Glad you’re loving your iPhone 4. I love mine too… just not for making calls or for data activity that isn’t via Wifi 🙂

    @Hobo Unfortunately jailbreaking won’t help call quality or 3G data consistency.

  21. Julie, the Droid 2 is the first phone that ships with Android 2.2, which is a major improvement. The new JIT compiler makes applications 2x or 3x faster in many operations. The X and Incredible should get OTA updates to 2.2 “soon”.

    @Jackie The Streak and the X10 are both on old versions of Android, though updates are promised at some point. Hope you don’t get a bad impression of Android from them.

  22. Well Julie, thanks for “straightening out” the issue of a woman carrying a cell phone in her shirt pocket. I hope that “fills in” the naive as to why!! LOL 🙂
    I Know . . I know . . . . .

  23. My son called me the other day using his iphone and the call kept dropping. But he doesn’t mind because he, and everyone he works with, has an iphone. I left Sprint years ago because everything about them was bad and went to Verizon and everything about them has been exceptionally great. My wife is now debating between the iphone (because it’s an iphone) and a Droid (good Verizon service). Good luck to Julie and my wife!

  24. I have a Samsung Epic 4G on order. I have had a palm device since 1998 but by the end of the month I will be on Android.

    As far as apps, I also have my iPodTouch so I will still get to play with Apple’s apps. But my iPodTouch will be mostly relegated to a media player, my car music player and the only device I can take into a government building (since it has no camera).

    Bye, bye Palm…and styluses.

  25. I’m torn; a friend has the Incredible, and I like it a lot, but I can’t say I like it better than my 3Gs. My problem is that I seem to be one of the few who is happier with AT&T than I was with Verizon. There are several places I go frequently that were dead zones for Verizon where AT&T works fine. AT&T hasn’t jumped into the Android fray that much yet, probably because of their relationship with Apple, but I’ll wait and see what comes out next year.

  26. Wait until you get Android 2.2 — FroYo. Faster and way more google voice input things. Voice navigation, voice to text, and lots of other stuff.

    The phone I am watching now is the Sony X10 Mini Pro — tiny phone with a keyboard…. Combine that with a tablet, of maybe the new rumoured Macbook Air…. NOW we’re talking!

  27. Soooooooo, Julie – does this mean you are selling your iphone 4? 🙂
    The Fascinate has the Hummingbird CPU, which I am sure you know or have read it shares some of the same tech with the A4 chip. It is pretty awesome how fast phones are now. Plus at 4″.. its smaller than the DX but bigger than the i4! Enjoy your new adventure! 🙂

  28. @GODMODE I’m not selling my iPhone 4. I need it keep it around for app and accessory reviews 🙂

    I’ve been playing around a little bit with the Incredible tonight and so far I like it. BUT, I think I like the DX better. I like the physical buttons that the DX has. I’ve always been a button girl… I just can’t help it 🙂 Which makes me wonder… are there any apps that let you answer calls with buttons instead of a screen tap?

  29. I switched to Sprint last November to get the pre. I still think Palm makes the best mobile OS for me, but unless I see something new from them before November (Sprint gives yearly upgrades to “premier” users), I’m switching to whatever is the hot Android phone at the time.

  30. Would it change your mind if you knew with more certainty that the iPhone was coming to VZW?

    With so many apps already, MobileMe sync, iTunes, etc., I cannot imagine switching to a new OS.

    My 2 cents…

    1. @Pocketdoc Sure, when the iPhone comes to Verizon, I might switch back to it. I’ll have to see how well I end up liking android. I’m not really invested in any platform. I just use what works best and is the most enjoyable for me. I keep all my data in the cloud, and I like that the OS updates for Android come there too. I’d rather not be required to plug my phone into my computer for that type of thing.

  31. I bailed on the iPhone about two years ago. Since then have had a couple of Windows Mobile phones (bad) and now have the HTC Desire Android. Android is the best. But Verizon has poor service in nearly all the rural areas of Northern Idaho and Eastern Washington with service only in larger towns and along major highways. A bummer since there aren’t many. Amazingly, AT&T is in nearly everywhere with no dropped calls unless you are close to or call Seattle or Portland.

  32. As far as ereaders go I used the kindle app. I have been reading ebooks for years (started on a windows mobile phone) and i have been burned by various formats (mobipocket kills me…they never developed an Iphone app that could read those) So I decided to make sure when I buy ebooks I pick a format that is cross platform compatible and the kindle app seems to be a good one. The other I use is ereader app (which is in beta now). I have a large fictiionwise library which uses the ereader app. I find myself using the kindle more often now as the books on amazon.com tend to be cheaper up front while fictionwise and ereader.com will give you credits towards your next book purchase.

    The one flaw with the kindle reader on android right now is the fact that it does not have a screen lock to keep the phone from rotating when i am lying down and reading. The pro is the fact I can now order books thru the actual kindle app on android where I was forced to go to safari on the iphone to order. I hope this helps you.

  33. Julie,

    Please use a spell checker when you post. (It’s “consistent,” not “consistant”.)


    Jerry Danzig

  34. I ended up ditching my iPhone 3GS and bought a Nexus One. We have a family plan, plus I was under contract still, so the N1 made sense.

    What surprised me most, besides how awesome Android is and how I didn’t have a spec of regret, was that things were much better on AT&T just from switching the phone. Data is better, calls are better, connections are better. Apple knows how to market, and they can even do decent data devices, but they certainly don’t know how to do phones.

    Anyone thinking of switching – don’t kill off AT&T just yet and pay ridiculous fees. Sell your iPhone today (you’d be surprised how much they go for – I sold my 10 month old 3GS for $560) and get something like the Samsung Galaxy straight up.

    1. @Bryan I don’t have a issue with the iPhone, I love it. My problem is with AT&T’s call quality and data quality. So sticking around and just switching phones won’t help me 🙂

  35. @Lynn

    I have the Kindle app for my droid and love it.

    You can lock the screen when reading but its not localized to just the kindle app.
    On my droid I can go to settings/sound and display/orientation and then I can select switch orientation automatically.

    It will keep your kindle from rotating if you are reading in bed. the downside is that it will keep everything else from rotating as well.

  36. @Mark thanks! Yea I guess I am just spoiled because the kindle app for the iphone does have a rotation lock built in. I am sure it will come in time.

  37. It’s sad that AT&T is preventing you from enjoying your iPhone 4.

    I have zero problems with AT&T where I live, so I haven’t even thought twice about switching carriers, much less phones (also, I had Verizon before I switched to AT&T, and their customer service was horrid… it’ll be a cold day in hell before I go back to them).

  38. Wait on the new device from HTC… they are having a new announcement on Sept. 15.

    Possibly the rumored HTC Desire-HD 🙂

  39. Julie,
    Ive been with TMo now for 5 years and I love them. They are constantly rated #1 in customer satisfaction.
    Ive had every Android out there and while the DX is definitely a nice phone, why not give a look at the Galaxy S line? I just got my Vibrant and Im simply amazed by it.

    1. @Yaniv That’s why I’m considering waiting for the Fascinate (Verizon’s version of the Galaxy S). Just not sure I want to wait for it though. Since The Droid 2 was just released, it makes me wonder when the Fascinate will get its turn. As for T-mobile, we do have it in my area, but the coverage area is relatively small and will not reach out to where I actually live. It will only work when I’m in town during the day.

  40. Just ordered the Droid X and waiting for it to arrive, the larger screen makes it great for video and internet browsing, but it is a little long, I think a belt clip should still work fine. For purses it isn’t a big deal at all that its a bit bigger.

    1. @Bob Deloyd I know it can sometimes appear that The Gadgeteer is an Apple fan site. I guess that’s because a lot of us here really are fans of Apple products. I definitely am. That said, I have no problem being honest when I find things I don’t like about any product that I review. Me switching from the iPhone to an Android phone is just another switch for me like my switch from the Palm Treo to the iPhone or from PCs to Macs. Heck, who’s to say that I might switch from Mac to Linux one day too 😉

      @Justin Maybe I just need bigger pockets 🙂

  41. It was refreshing to see this change from the iPhone to the Android. I know that the change was due to ATT poor reception, but I believe die-hard fans of Apple would probably not have had the guts to post this switch in public like Julie did! To tell you the truth I was shocked! I’ve been coming to Gadgeteer for around 6 months now and was starting to think there was a bias towards anything Apple: posts and comments (I think it was all the excitement due to the iPad release). Now with this one post of Julie’s, all that bias I thought there was on the site has all gone away for me. I am a kind of person that uses what works for me, be it Mac, PC, Linux, whatever. I have owned and used them all. You can write a review on something you love and are a fan of but you should state that in your review, but when you write a “critical” review of any product you must set your biases behind you or the review will be worthless to others. With all this said I am now again a happy Gadgeteer!

  42. @Julie – unfortunately for you, i think the Desire-hd is a gsm device, however htc makes a great number of android devices running the sense-ui. I too would love to switch to android, but my carrier doesn’t offer any ( Canadian fido ). My best bet is to upgrade to an iphone4 for cheap, then sell it and get an un-locked Desire-hd, or the slighty underpowered but sexy htc-legend 🙂

  43. @Julie
    I have three Macs, five Netbooks (one running Ubuntu), four laptops (an older one running Puppy Linux), a couple of desktops (one running Suse Linux another running Red Hat Fedora), an Alpha Smart Dana, throw in a bunch of PDAs and some old computer gear like the old Radio Shack Model 100 I had since day one and the Commodore 64… Yes I’ve done a lot of switching. Hell I even just bought me an Apple Newton 120 on eBay! (I couldn’t afford it when they first came out)
    I love my gadgets and I’m a fan of them all 🙂

  44. Congrats and welcome to the Escapee Club. iPhone original to 3Gs, but finally had enough of the AT&T NetWon’t. Moved to a TMo MyTouch3G (ugh! slooooowww), then to Verizon Droid, and now a DroidX. ETF was $105, but I’d rather pay up front once then live with the ongoing nightmare that is AT&T. Oddly, I had minimal hassles with the original iPhone, and the 3Gs worked fine for about the first 2 months. I’m guessing increased penetration in the general Raleigh/Durham NC area all but killed the NetWon’t. In any event, it’s soooo good to have a phone that works, as a phone AND so much more! Between AT&T and the Walled Garden, I doubt if these hands will ever again fondle an Apple product or anything hooked exclusively into AT&T. Bottom-line: I was delightfully surprised to realize that, despite my initial mindset, the Droid/X beats the iPhone on every level. Now I await the Android tablet!

  45. Julie,

    Have you had any problem with DX wifi? What wifi router do you have at home? I have had this issue since day one, and searching web, you can find a number of others with the same problem. I have apple Time Capsule/Airport extreme as the router. I have since dug out my ancient LinkSys 802.11b router to set in bridge mode and be used for DX only. This mitigated problem to some degree, but not a fool-proof and have to connect at somewhat slower wifi speed. It is a kind of bummer. I am looking out to upcoming 2.2 Froyo update to fix the issue as many others do.

    Other than this arguably the deal breaker, I liked DX a lot. I have had DX for 30 days. Yes, this weekend is my last chance to return phone without ETF. And I was enticed by Captivate, Vibrant, HTC EVO and Incredible. So far, I haven’t been completely swung to them, although I was close to pull tigger on Captivate. I liked style (back) of Captivate and found it particularly usable, as others have pointed out that 4″ might just be the sweet spot in size. Try one-hand with swype on those two devices can quickly make a point. One-hand operation may sound that much a big deal at first thought until you have been with device long enough. It adds a subtle level of intimacy with your device on daily uses. Overral, I found DX very responsive (which I liked most), more tasteful in its whole package, a tad step below Captivate in usability. DX also has an elegant masculine feel, which I actually think can be very cool for a gal, as far as how fashion statement goes 😉

    As for HTC incredible, after being with 4.3″/4.0″ for awhile, I believe you will find it hard to go back to 3.7″.

    Interesting enough, I have taken roughly the same route/journey in my gadget adoption as you have, from Palm Treo -> iPhone/MacBook -> DX. I have recently been entertaining the idea of getting my Ubuntu laptop as my main workstation.

  46. This is the exact point why I have not left Verizon for AT&T’s horrible signal. I am still thinking about getting the Droid X!!

  47. The iphone 4’s call quality problem seems to be hardware driven rather than carrier driven. I currently subscribe to att and use a blackberry curve and since my contract is about to end I thought I’d check out the new iphone at the apple store in Georgetown. The iphone 4 looks great and the ios is, as everyone already knows, polished and very intuitive to use. While putting the phone through a variety of test, I discovered that when I played back the voice notes I created I could hear a noticeable hissing in the background. I then tested the phone call quality. I place a call from the iphone 4 to my wife who was standing at first in the store, then just outside of the store, and then finally about 1/2 block away. She, too, uses a blackberry curve on the att network. She said that she heard a hissing sound when speaking with me on the iphone in each location, but her voice sounded clear. We then tested the speaker phone and the same hissing sound was present. To ensure it wasn’t just her perception we switched positions, so that she was using iphone 4 while I was on the blackberry. I had the same experience that she did. The iphone had a hiss in the background. I occurred to me that the hiss could have been caused by something in the store, so I called my wife from my att blackberry. We were each using an att blackberry, me in the store and her outside of the store. Neither one of us could hear the background hiss we experienced on the i phone 4. My conclusion is that while providing a terrific multimedia and texting/email experience the iphone 4 is not a very good phone. I think many people mistakenly attribute their call quality problems to the att network rather than their phone. I’ve been on the att network for nearly two years and have never had the call quality/reception problems that iphone users regularly lament.

  48. Good for you Julie! I’ve been facing issues with the iPhone dropping calls in my area (Irvine) as well. I may have to play with the Droid X now!

  49. Inverted Irony:

    A typical subservient consumerist yuppie who salivates at the latest
    piece of dog droppings that lights up when you press it, leaves an
    anti-consumerist post on a blog about the merits of being a savvy

  50. Wow, (IN) and South Carolina must really be more than just far apart.

    I dropped Verizon due to dropped calls and HORRIBLE I mean HORRIBLE customer service.

    At&T is flawless her in SC and i was 71 degrees here today so I’m sticking with AT&T…you’ll be back

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