The Wallee Wall Mount + Hard Case System for iPad

Do you wish you could mount your iPad on the wall at your desk so your iPad is easily accessible for taking messages or checking the calendar as you work?  Or mounted on the wall like a tiny LDC TV for watching movies?  Or on your kitchen backsplash for watching cooking videos or following a recipe?  The Wallee Wall Mounting System consists of a hard plastic back-cover case which can be left on the iPad at all times and a mounting disk which is screwed into the wall.  (The mounting disk has a metal mounting plate with multiple attachment points for stability.)  The X-shaped opening in the back of the hard cover snaps onto the X-shaped mounting bracket; you can position the iPad horizontally or vertically.  The case is available in orange, blue, black, white, or clear, and the mounting disks come in black or white.  The Wallee Wall Mounting System sells for about $45.00, and you can buy extra wall brackets so you can hang your iPad everywhere you want.  The price includes free shipping from Australia.  It will be available in early August.

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