Tunebug Vibe Speaker Review

Ever wish you had great speakers everywhere with you to jam to your tunes on your mp3 player or even pump out better bass from the iPad, but don’t want to carry around a bulky speaker system?  Tunebug solves that problem with a device called Vibe.  What this small and very portable device does is that it turns anything into a flat panel speaker system with their patented SurfaceSound technology.

What you get in the box is the Vibe, 3.5mm audio cable, usb to 3.5mm charging cable, sound base/case, and the manual.

The Vibe has a brushed metal housing and weighs 5.3oz.  It feels great holding it.  And looks great too!  Something Steve Jobs will approve of!

There’s only one button on the top for on/off functionality.  The 3.5mm audio jack is on the side of the Vibe.  It has built-in LiPoly 450mAH battery rated for 5 hours playtime.

On the bottom of the Vibe is the SurfaceSound technology which creates the sound waves that transfers any surface to a flat panel speaker.

The sound base/case is nicely padded to protect the Vibe.  But it’s more than a box to house the Vibe.  It also is a nice flat surface to place the Vibe on and produce great sounding speakers from it.

You can place the Vibe on a Cheetos tube, glass display case, metal pot, or even on the iPad.  From my tests, it seems the Vibe works best on metal surfaces and anything that allows vibrations to travel. Like the side of your desktop computer.  You can still hear pretty good sounds from denser materials but the thinner the surface is, the better and louder the sound gets.  You might think it’s a bit pricey at $69.95 (direct from Tunebug), but I think it’s worth it because of the great build quality and awesome SurfaceSound technology to create great sounding speakers from any flat surface.


Product Information

  • Amazing sounds
  • Very portable
  • Long battery life
  • Some might think it's pricey

5 thoughts on “Tunebug Vibe Speaker Review”

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  2. I played with a similar speaker at a gadget store in a European airport – it was impressive, but failed to produce much of the “bass” sounds. Overall, that one wasn’t worth buying… I wonder how the low ends sounds from this speaker?

  3. @Nilay – Pretty much it all depends on what type of surface you’re putting it on. I find it to produce very nice bass when placed on the cheetos tube and the metal pot. I suggest using a small enclosed metal can to produce better bass. Something like an empty soup can.

  4. I’m in doubt if i should buy the vibe or the shake for all-round use.
    Can anyone help me choose?
    Thanks for any reactions.

  5. For general use then I would suggest the Vibe. The Shake is only if you need the mounting solutions for your helmet, etc. Plus the Vibe is all silver color which looks nicer.

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