OtterBox Defender Series Case for iPhone 4

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otterbox defender for iphone4Yesterday we told you about the OtterBox Defender Series Case for iPad; today it’s the Defender Series Case for iPhone 4.  OtterBox sent out an email announcement today to people who had signed up to be notified when the iPhone 4 case was available to order.  As with other cases in the Defender series, there’s a silicone cover for the body and a hard cover for the screen.  The iPhone 4 Defender Series case comes with a ratcheting belt clip.  OtterBox says this case provides added protection against bump, shock, drop and dust intrusion.  They also state: “The black OtterBox Defender Series solves the Apple® iPhone 4 antenna issue. Official NAC testing results determine the OtterBox acts as a dielectric between the two antennas of the device. No loss of signal strength occurs when using the iPhone 4 in a Defender Series case.”  The OtterBox Defender Series Case for iPhone 4 is $49.95.

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  2. I received my new case today for the iphone 4. I chose the Defender case and it is AWESOME. It completely covers the phone and the belt clip/holder is very nice. I am confident that this case is the complete protection I was looking for. I am no longer going to worry that if I drop my phone, it’s bye bye to it – quite the contrary – this phone is ready for “battle”!

    Thank you SO MUCH Otterbox! Well done!

  3. I got my case last Friday. Put it together right away. I pulled off my new Zagg screen protector, because it didn’t interface well with the built-in screen protector of the Otterbox. This case offers some serious protection. The phone in it’s case clips very securely into the belt clip. I like the beefy feeling to the phone in this case, because I am a chronic phone dropper. Right after I ordered the Defender, I got a small case of buyer’s remorse, thinking I should have gotten the slightly smaller Commuter or Impact models. I was wrong. The Defender is the case for me. The home screen button works perfectly with this precision designed case. I’m liking it. I figure that if the built-in screen protector gets fouled up down the line, I will punch it out, and install a Zagg again in it’s place. Here’s a tip: order this case online, don’t try to phone it in, because demand is so high you won’t get through on the phone. I tried to call to modify my order to get the extra otterbox utility case and get free shipping on my order, but getting through on the phones was impossible.

  4. I received my otterbox defender yesterday and it is just an outstanding quality, well presented product. A bit pricey, but worth it when compared to buying cheaper, lesser quality products that fail quickly and do not do what they are intended to. The defender is overall a great protection product for your Iphone4.

  5. There is no better case out there. Period.
    The OtterBox Defender is the total package.
    Sleek, protects your phone including the screen,
    and has never failed. I’ve been using it since the 3G model.
    And to those who think its bulky or pricey – come back and see us after you spend 200$ on a screen repair because your 20-30$ case failed the drop test.

  6. Bonjour, Hi!

    My boy friend has this incredible case and I ordered one as well!
    I feel verry confortatable now with this case!
    Easy and verry secure I just would love to know otter box before to bad for my broken Iphon 3G but I love my new Iphone 4 and in the red new case it’s realy nice, secure and easy to wear 😉

  7. I bought Defender Series IP4 case with belt clip back in May of 2011. In July the the part that snaps the phone into the belt clip broke. Needless to say I was quite disappointed and was concerned that this might be a common problem and would be a hassle to get warranty. After being told by the store I would have to deal directly with the manufacturer regarding warranty I got worried. I haven’t had very good experience with warranty issues on any products.
    I phoned otterbox and got an answering machine saying they would call me back and just leave my number and I started to feel that I would get the run around and that no one would call me back.Boy was I wrong! they phoned me back, got my information and to my surprise they sent me a whole new belt clip and no shipping charges with in a few days!
    Zip ahead to thursday january 5th/2012. I broke the clothes pin type clasp on the belt clip (Apparently it doesn’t support 240 lbs). I emailed them that night and got a response the next day from them that they would ship me a replacement within 4-7 business days. Zip ahead to Monday january 9th/2012 and to my amazement was a package at my house from otterbox. More to my surprise was that they sent me not only the belt clip but a new phone case with it! So think about it. Broke it thursday and had a replacement at no cost without proof of purchase in 4 days with a phone case.
    One more story for you. This one is in regards to toughness.
    One of the reasons I got an Otterbox phone case with a belt clip is because i ride motorcycle and have lost phones out of my pocket or other phone clips. When I got my iphone ($849) I decided not to cheap out on a case or clip. Sure glad I did.
    Summer of 2011 I was on my motorcycle and was in a hurry and didn’t properly place my phone into my otterbox belt clip. It should make a snapping sound when you put it in right. I was sitting at a red light making a left turn when I thought I heard my phone ring. I knew I couldnt answer because the light would turn green and DUH! i was on a motorcycle. So I was only a few blocks from where I was going and decided I would check my message when I got there. Oops! Got to my destination and reached for my phone. No phone! I knew it was ringing at the red light so I back tracked to see if I could spot it on the road.
    Well I sped back to the lights I had taken the left turn at and there were 3 vehicles ahead of me. I saw the phone on the pavement and thought of jumping off my bike to run and get it when the light turned green! I then watched all 3 vehicles run over the phone. Each time a vehicle ran over it the phone would flip over and the next tire would roll over it. I pulled up to it and it looked mangled. The front otterbox screen was in a teepee shape and there were little black pieces of plastic on the pavement. I scooped it up and threw it in my pocket and scooted through the intersection and pulled over. I pulled it out of my pocket and my heart dropped through my chest when I saw the case. I pushed the home button and the phone lit up! (Hope!) I pushed the clear otterbox screen protector down flat and pushed the rubber back around the hard plastic phone case. I tried the phone and everything worked! The rubber cover around the case felt loose but I got it to fit around the hard plastic case.
    When I got home I carefully pulled the otterbox rubber cover off. A few hard plastic bits fell out around the corners. I removed the hard plastic case and low and behold it still looked like new! I kept using that case but eventually little bits of the hard plastic broke of and the rubber cover didn’t fit so well and the phone wouldn’t clip into the belt clip without a little work. My cousin bought the same case but didn’t like the soft rubber cover cause it was to grippy in his pocket so he gave it to me. I used the case till i received the new case i received with my new belt clip.
    Sorry but I never took pics of the old destroyed case. You would never believe my phone survived.
    Anyway just a good feeling to have great protection for my phone and know it is backed up by great service and warranty.

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