JAVOedge Cherry Blossom Back Cover for iPad Review

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In June, I posted an announcement for the JAVOedge Cherry Blossom Back Cover for iPad.  As you know, I love a good case, and I’m always looking for a new one to add to my collection.  I loved the beautiful Asian-style fabric on these back covers, so I asked Julie if she’d request a red one for me.  JAVOedge not only sent me the red one I asked for, they graciously sent me one of each color.  Let’s give them a try.

The Cherry Blossom Back Cover is made of reinforced polycarbonate.  This is the type of case that completely covers the back of the iPad, partially covers the edges of iPad, and leaves the screen completely free.  The outside of the Back Cover is overlaid with fabric that is completely bonded to the polycarbonate underneath.  The fabric has a linen feel.  The design is an Asian-style cherry blossom pattern.  It is available in three colors:  red, cocoa, and twilight purple.  All three colors are utterly beautiful.

The cover requires just a little effort to snap it onto the back of the iPad.  Once on, it fits tightly.  The iPad doesn’t seem like it could fall out of the Back Cover.  It didn’t come off without a little prying on the corners. 

Opening at top for access to the power button, microphone, and headphone jack

All four corners are completely enclosed by the cover, so they should be protected from bumps and dings.  Of course the back is completed covered, so it should also be safe from scratches and bumps.

Opening for screen lock slider and volume rocker

The cover has the same arched shaped as the iPad itself.  There is also a raised, arched metal branding badge near the bottom of the cover.  This badge raises up the bottom of the iPad when it’s laying flat, and it seems to exacerbate the rocking of the iPad when it’s laying on its back.

Cutout for docking connector and speaker. Notice the arched metal badge.

There are cutouts on all four edges of the Cherry Blossom Back Cover.  Most of the top edge is open; the power/sleep button and the microphone and headphone jack are completely open and accessible.  There is a large cutout for the screen lock slider and the volume rocker on the right (as you look at the iPad).  Most of the bottom edge is open to allow access to the docking connector and the speaker.  (I don’t have an Apple dock, but this case and the big metal badge probably wouldn’t allow you to use the dock with the case on.)  There’s also an opening in the middle of the left side.  I’m not sure what the purpose of this opening is.

Cutout on left side.

This cover is very lightweight; it is hardly noticeable on the iPad.  Although it has a noticeable texture, the fabric doesn’t seem to improve the “grip”.  I tried a little test to check the stability of the grip.  I “pinched” the naked iPad between my thumb and the rest of my hand and held it out to my side (over the sofa, to be safe).  The naked iPad immediately started slipping out of my grip.  I put the Cherry Blossom cover on and repeated the test.  Again, the iPad in the cover immediately started slipping out of my hand.

If you want a pretty, feminine cover to protect the metal back and edges from bumps and scratches, you’ll like the Cherry Blossom back cover for your iPad.  If you need a cover to improve your hold on the iPad, you’ll probably have better luck elsewhere.


Product Information

  • Back and edges protected
  • All controls and ports completely accessible
  • Beautiful, colorful fabrics
  • Doesn't improve your hold on the iPad

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  2. I always wonder why iPad case manufacturers put those openings on the left side of the case. They serve no noticeable purpose and yet a lot of iPad cases have these openings. If the openings are lower at the SIM card slot then it would make a bit more sense.

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