Get Nostalgic with the iPhone Cassette Stand / Case

The folks at I Want One of Those are offering a skin for your iPhone that makes it look like a cassette tape. Remember those? 😉 It even comes packaged in a cassette tap case that doubles as a stand. Right now appears to be out of stock, but it’s priced at £12.99 if you want to check back later.

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  • Sandee Cohen July 12, 2010, 2:49 pm

    Ehhh, what’s that you say?

    You young-uns got a skin for my iPhone?

    Seems to me, in my day, we didn’t talk about skins in polite company.

    But a skin that will make this new fangled iPhone look like a cassette tape. Now that’s mighty fine.

    Ceptin’ that’s gonna confuse Mrs. Caddisham down the hall. Cause she already tries to call her son on her tape player.

    But I suppose it’s what the kids call reetro.

    Now all I needs is a new skin to make my face look young again.

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