Shinnorie Introduces Water-Resistant Go! Sleeve for iPad

shinnorie water resistant case ipadTypical waterproof fabrics are coated with a chemical that leaves the fabric feeling plasticy or rubbery.  The Shinnorie Go! Sleeve for iPad uses new CrossClimate™ microfiber fabrics that have interstitial areas that are smaller than water molecules, so water can’t penetrate the fabric.  Air molecules can still penetrate the openings, so heat can dissipate.  The Go! Sleeve also has the ZipSeal ™ dual-track industrial ziplock closure system for extra water and dust protection.  The Go! Sleeve is an envelope-style case that’s big enough to hold an iPad wearing a silicone or plastic wrap case.  The Go! Sleeve is $49.95.  Use the gosleeve gift code to save 20% during the introductory period.

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