LifeSaver Water Bottle

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hedonics lifesaver water filtering bottleIf you are an outdoors(wo)man or a person who lives in an area with a lot of disruptions to city services because of weather, you may sometimes find yourself without a safe source of drinkable water.  The LifeSaver 4000 Water Bottle from Hedonics is the world’s first all-in-one ultra-purifying water bottle.  The 750 ml bottle has a dual-stage filtration system that removes biological contaminants, plus heavy-metals, and chemical and medical residues.  The water is purified as it is dispensed, so there is no time-wasting filtering of the water as you collect it – you just “scoop and go.”  The LifeSaver 4000 Water Bottle  includes a 4000-liter cartridge, an activated carbon filter designed to last approximately 250 liters, chew proof nozzle, and carry strap.  It’s $179.99 from Hedonics; extra carbon filters are $109.99 for 16, or order both for $229.99.

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