Amazon Drops Price on the Kindle with Global Wireless

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Not to be outdone by Barnes and Noble dropping nook prices, Amazon has a new price on their latest edition, 6″ Kindle with global wireless.  It’s now $189.00, with free 2-day shipping.  These announcements are good news for people who’ve been wanting an ebook reader!

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  2. Tetsubo
    A solar panel would be nice for charging while you’re out camping. Even at 20 grams (0.0441 pounds) which isn’t very much, I don’t think I’d want it connected to the ebook while I’m reading. It doesn’t say if you can disconnect it from the reader but I bet you can. Pretty cool!

  3. I had to wait around the house for UPS to deliver my Kindle 2 E-reader. It finally arrived around 2pm and I started reading the manual. I wanted to see if I could go online with it to get my email. After fiddling around trying to get my password entered correctly with the small keyboard, I logged into my Gmail account and read and sent emails. It is slow; about as slow as dialup, but useable in a pinch. I then went to my Website and it loaded correctly and the pictures on the site were viewable. On both the email and website the navigation was somewhat awkward but I believe that’s because I’m not used to the keyboard; in time I’ll have that down. I went to the Kindle site at Amazon to find free books. The Kindle was already setup with my Amazon account and I didn’t have to do anything. I found that it was difficult to find the section for free books and I ended up going online with my computer to get the titles I wanted, and then enter them into the Kindle books search on the Amazon Kindle site. I downloaded three free Star Wars ebooks in minutes and without any hassles. Tomorrow I’ll start reading an ebook. All in all I found that the Kindle 2 is all that I expected; and getting my email and the web, even being slow as it is, was a big plus!

  4. Janet Cloninger

    @Bob I’m glad you’re happy with your new Kindle. I personally think everybody needs an ebook reader of some type.

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