Are you going to Pre-Order the Apple iPhone 4 today?

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Today is Apple iPhone 4 pre-order day. I tried to complete the pre-order about 30 minutes ago and the store went down in the middle of the process. Grrrr… Just a heads up for those of you that haven’t decided if you’ll be pre-ordering yet – at this time, only the Black version of the iPhone 4 is available for pre-order or reservation. That’s disappointing for me since I really wanted White. Oh well, back to hitting refresh on the pre-order page. 🙂

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  2. I’m waiting for the white version to be my baptism into the world of iPhone. I’ve been holding off since the first generation, waiting for the feature sets that it (finally!) exhibits: 802.11n, front facing camera, and multi-tasking. Of course, my dream would be for Apple to get around to unifying its entire line and releasing a brushed aluminum design to match every other blasted thing they release, but aesthetics are a secondary thought to function. It’s also going to be nice to know that (for a while, at least) my shiny new iPhone will have a better screen than those wretched iPads 😛

  3. No. While I initially loved my original and 3GS iPhones, Steve’s growing Walled Garden approach pushed me away. When the Google Voice apps were refused/pulled, I found that plus AT&T’s NetWon’t intolerable. I’ve now had a Verizon Droid for months and couldn’t be happier. Nowadays, I’m awaiting an Android tablet. I want nothing to do with Apple again, beyond my iPod.

    1. @Atsitalian Tell me about it! Jeez, so far this has been the worse ordering experience I’ve ever had online. I’m going to wait an hour or so and try again.

  4. I’ve been working at pre-ordering for about an hour now. Progress is getting past “Connection Problems” to now “Your Session Has Expired.” Aargh! I’m feeling like the moth flying around the yard light 🙁

    1. @1000Acres I have never heard that analogy, but it fits the way I feel too! Jeez… Still not successful… I keep getting “Your Request Not Successful” Or “Session Expired”.

  5. Julie,
    I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and stayed awake to pre-order. The site went live at 1 AM and I have been up all night trying to get this pre-ordered. I finally did it!

    My tip – check your cart. Your phone may very well be in there waiting for you to complete the purchase.

    May the force be with you.

  6. Julie, I’m having the same problem. It’s so frustrating! Maybe it’s apples way of testing us to make sure we really really want the phone. Not a very good marketing technique if you ask me, lol.

  7. Norberto Maldonado

    I’m confused about the pre-order process.
    If I’m eligible for an upgrade from AT&T would
    I still be paying $299 for the 32GB iPhone 4?
    And If I reserve now thru Apple, will I be committing
    to a new 2 year agreement with AT&T?

    help please

  8. Well I have had the 3G version since it came out and was eagerly awaiting the new iphone. After much soul searching I have ordered an Evo 4g from sprint. I do have a non 3g ipad and I love the fact I can easily make the evo a wifi hotspot with true unlimited data. The fact that we do have 4g where i live makes a difference also. My att connection speeds have just been dismal here and a new iphone will not help the situation – basically my cost is dropping about 30 bucks a month and I should hopefully have better connection speeds. At least I have 30 days to try it out … who knows I may be coming back to ATT and the iphone if sprint and the evo do not work out.

  9. Norberto Maldonado

    I see how it works!!!

    But…I just keep getting booted out of the app
    and thrown to my home screen continuously.

  10. Seems that it was very easy to reserve a phone for pick up through the new Apple Store iPhone app. Doesn’t look like you can order for shipping that way, though.

  11. Pardon the repeat, but check your shopping cart. You might find your phone in there. I, too, was getting error messages of session timeout, the Oops screen, etc. As far as I got was clicking the Add to Cart button. And everytime I did, I got an error message. By chance, I peeked into the cart and there was the phone. I was then able to complete the purchase without a problem.

    When did the phone get placed in my cart? Who knows. It may have happened the very first time I clicked on the ADD button. So that’s why I say – check your cart. It worked for me.

  12. Julie, I kind of figured you might be stuck that way. 😉 Sorry! But hopefully it might help some other hapless consumers. No idea why the store app worked so much faster than the web site. I got errors and timeouts all morning just trying to get through the “check eligibility” screen, but the app went zip zip.

  13. It took me 5 hours and 38 minutes to get my pre-order in. When Steve Jobs had problems connecting with his iPhone 4 during his keynote, I guess that turned out to be an omen for the rest of us.

    BTW, I’m glad I had my iPad. I played Paper Toss during those 5+ hours and was able to reach a new high score. 😉

    I hope you can get past the eligibility point soon. Good luck!

  14. I did. As I said, I used the new Apple Store app for iPhone, which put my in-store reservation through lickety-split.

    Is it the 24th yet?

  15. I actually went to Radio Shack to preorder (and they are still trying to get it through their system). They are offering trade-ins and only the fact that I’ll get $200 plus (should be $247) for my 32gb towards the $299 iPhone 4 is why I’m doing it now.

  16. Tamara is right except the final booking. I was able to easily navigate on the mobile store on my kids touch. At the very end, at the “Book Reservation” button, a message saying “could not create your resevation at this time, please try again later, popped up.
    I have now tried everything (o.k. i could schlep down to the radio Shack, Best Buy or Apple Store) including calling (1 1/2hrs. on hold), chat (20min.and no help), online (all night), mobile store, slick, but no cigar.
    The gal who helped me at the Apple call center told me that there were 230 people on hold in their center and that of the 11 folks she had helped (buy a phone) in her hour on shift, 0 were successful. Oh well.

  17. At least the server problems are just like AT&T’s wireless service.
    Completely jammed and inaccessible . . . I have tried every conceivable way to pre-Order short of carrier pigeon, but to NO avail . . . makes we wish Steve would “switch to Verizon” . . 🙁

  18. Me again, the pre order I tried to make DID go through the Apple Store App. It did not show the order while trying to book, but just discovered a reservation for one Iphone 4 in my “in” box. If you have not tried using the mobile app. I would say it is a decent bet.
    Thanks for that Tamara

  19. After 501 bazillion tries, I finally was able to do a successful pre-order of a 32GB unit. It’s going to cost me a whopping $533.93 though. Yes, I’m insane to pay that much. But we already knew that, didn’t we? 😉

  20. No, because I live in a POS backwater forgotten-about country with backwards ideas on digital laws, and legalized monopolies and corruption galore… and an impossible language.

    It’ll probably take a year to release here, much like the first iPhone. But hey we were the first to have GSM, so hurray for us with our obsolete Nokias.

  21. Well . . . . . . .. I FINALLY got through the eligibility process, selected my plan, and “poof” . . got a message that an error occurred with a button to click to reserve one at an Apple Store . . nothing was saved, as my cart was still empty.
    On a positive note, I called the Apple Store (pressed 3 for iPod, not 4 for iPhones, as that will only disconnect you today) and got a very nice customer rep named Grace, who took my # and called me back an hour later as her shift was ending, and promised to call me tomorrow A.M. to take my order . . . “WHEW” . . Waaaaaaay less frustrating!!

    Glad YOU got through Julie . . . . enjoy your new phone too!! 🙂

  22. Must have hit the magic bzillionth number…. SUCCESS! My order ‘said’ it would be delivered on June 24 :-0 What do Apple and BP have in common?? Lack of infrastructure!!

    1. I just received the confirmation email. Yay! My iPhone 4 order was placed in time! It will be delivered on the 24th! I hope everyone else here was just as lucky!

  23. After trying for 4 hours in vain at, I went to and ordered from there. It was slow but it went through…CAN’T WAIT…I keep watching the iPhone 4 design video, am I crazy?

  24. My wife went to Radio Shack because they are offering money for trade-ins toward the new iPhone. Her 1st gen iPhone is getting us $70 off her new iPhone 4! The system was down for Radio Shack, but she called and confirmed they had her in the system. She should get it by appointment on the 24th. I’ll have to wait a bit longer for mine. I’m keeping my 1st gen to let my son use it as an ipod touch.

  25. I never could get the preorder in. I did make a reservation though, so I’ll get it on the 24th. I was mostly out of coverage in the mountains all day, but I was able to download the Apple app in an Off Network area and then found a brief wifi signal where I was able to make the reservation. Whew!

  26. I debated all day about attempting to order, but having stood in line the last 3 years for a new iPhone each time one came out, I decided to wait this year. It’s expensive upgrading each year, but I was always able to make really good money by selling the old iPhones on eBay. Of course, as soon as I see the new iPhone in the wild, I will immediately want to run out and get it. What’s really dangerous is that I live 1 mile from the nearest Apple store :- D

  27. I checked the costs for providers in the UK (Orange, T-Mobile, Vodafone, O2 Telefonica) and they’re all quite high… £75 (about $100 a month) for two years with a free handset.

    O2 can do it for £40 a month with a upgrade cost of £150, again based over two years.

    I think I might wait a little while, as no doubt the contract costs will drop in the same way as the 3GS did when they came out.

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