NewerTechnology NuGuard iPad Snap On Case Review

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The NewerTechnology NuGuard is a minimum bulk snap-on case for the iPad that provides a hard shell backing in a one-piece design.  Let’s take a closer look.

NuGuard in it's original packaging

According to NewerTechnology, the NuGuard consists of an “impact-resistant plastic with a bycast leather back”.  I wasn’t quite sure what to make of the leather bits till I opened it up.

NuGuard interior
Full view of the back, leather surface
Closeup of the leather backed surface

It seems the back is covered in a thin layer of some kind of leather.  If it’s not real leather, then it’s a pretty good simulation.  It DOES have an odor to it.  Feels smooth and buttery.  Very pleasant to the touch.

The corners fit right under the flush surface of the iPad.
The case is barely visible from the front.

Although the NuGuard makes a very sleek covering, there is one thing I noticed:  The back doesn’t sit totally flush with the iPad.  I was easily able to slip a piece of paper behind the iPad.  The paper moved freely.

I could squeeze the NuGuard and iPad together, and the gap is readily visible.

Now you see the gap... you don't

I phoned NewerTechnology about this, and the only reasonable explanation they gave was that it was “designed” that way to allow greater shock impact resistance.  I would have preferred tighter tolerances, personally.

iSobot shows off the NuGuard

If you are looking for a quickly detachable case to protect the back and corners, the NuGuard may be just the thing.  It may not protect the screen or sides- or fit snug- but the overall construction is good and won’t come off accidentally.


Product Information

  • Effortless installation, minimal bulk, nice leathery grip on the back
  • Case does not fit flush with iPad

8 thoughts on “NewerTechnology NuGuard iPad Snap On Case Review”

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  2. I’m surprised no one has come out with a snap on protector case that also has grab handles on the sides. These things seem awfully “slippery to hold with the tapered backs and I think adding some hand grips onto the edges would help.

  3. @Andy – Now I understand why you asked about if my review about the clear case was flush with the iPad, which it is! Maybe the mold for the leather case was off?

  4. I tried the cover backwards… covering the screen… and it works.

    To check for grip, I grabbed the edges and the iPad would not fall out. Cover pops off again by gently prying one of the corners.

    Fine. It’s a 2-in-1 cover. Cover your back, cover your front.

  5. Is this thin enough to still fit a leather case? I have the Incase folio-style leather one and I want to protect the exposed corners of my iPad. Will this work in that scenario?

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