Belkin Grip Vue Case for iPad Review

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belkin ipad grip vue 1I love cases for my electronics almost as much as I love the gadgets themselves.  Before I received my iPad on April 3 (thank you, Julie!), I had been scouring the internet for leather cases and bags.  Once I held the iPad in my hands, I realized that its size and shape might not work well in the book-style leather cases I usually prefer.  Since Apple had already announced a delay in shipping their case and since most manufacturers don’t have cases for new devices for a few weeks after release, I resigned myself to using a “naked” iPad.  I didn’t have to suffer case-less for very long, though. 

My husband, Butch, was seized with a sudden case of iPad fever after seeing mine, and we made a trip to the local Apple store that Saturday afternoon.  They not only had some iPads still in stock, they also had a variety of iPad cases and accessories.  I decided on the Belkin Grip Vue case in clear. 

belkin ipad grip vue 2
The case is virtually invisible on the iPad

The Belkin Grip Vue looks similar to those silicone cases that cover the back and sides and leave the front of the device uncovered except for a small “frame” around the screen.  The Grip Vue isn’t made of silicone, though.  It’s made of Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) material that’s impact-resistant and dense enough to protect the back and sides of the iPad from damage.   It feels very sturdy, and it even comes with a one-year warranty.

belkin ipad grip vue 3
The case overlaps onto the edges of the screen

The case adds a little to the size and weight of the iPad.  The Grip Vue weighs 8 oz, which brings the iPad up to 2 pounds.  The dimensions are 7.75” X 0.7” X 9.75”, so it adds about 0.2” in thickness and length and almost 0.3” in width.  The TPU material is stiffer than the silicone cases I’d seen in the past, so it took a little effort to get it on the iPad.  Once it was in place, I didn’t notice the extra weight or size.

The case doesn’t feel sticky, but it does greatly improve my grip on the iPad.  The back of the naked iPad is slippery enough that I was afraid I’d drop it, but the Grip Vue case gives me confidence that it won’t slip out of my fingers.  I even tried holding it in one hand and waving it around a little bit (a few inches above my soft bed, because I’m not stupid!) without it slipping out of my grip at all.  And since it’s not sticky, the Grip Vue doesn’t pick up lint like the silicone cases I tried in the past. 

belkin ipad grip vue 4

I chose the clear case because I wanted to be able to see the metal back of the iPad.  The Grip Vue isn’t as clear as polycarbonate cases.  It’s translucent and adds just a slight milky look to the back of the iPad.  I don’t mind this at all.  It reminds me of my first glossy white iPod.

belkin ipad grip vue 5
Top of the iPad with power button, microphone opening, and headphone jack.
belkin ipad grip vue 6
Right side volume rocker and screen-lock button.
belkin ipad grip vue 7
Bottom of the iPad with dock connector and speaker openings.

All controls and ports are accessible while the iPad is in the Belkin Grip Vue.  The power/sleep button and volume rocker are covered by raised “bumps” in the TPU.  I found both buttons operate flawlessly through the case.  There are openings for the headphone jack and microphone at the top, an opening on the right side for the screen lock switch, and openings for the speaker and dock connector on the bottom.  I’ve had no problem using any of these openings.  The microphone works well, and the speaker doesn’t sound any different to me with the case on.  I easily access the screen lock switch, and I can charge the iPad using its charging cable.  I don’t have a dock, but I don’t think the iPad would fit in a dock wearing the Grip Vue sleeve.

I recommend the Belkin Grip Vue case in clear.  It doesn’t add much more in size than a skin, but it offers more protection than a skin would.  I consider it my $50.00 insurance policy for the iPad.  I got mine at the local Apple store, but you can also order them from Apple online or directly from Belkin.


Product Information

  • Protective
  • Non-slip grip
  • Translucent, so you can still see the back of the iPad
  • Doesn't add a lot of weight or size
  • Offers some protection to the back and sides
  • Some may not like that the screen is left unprotected

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  2. i bought this case when i first picked up my ipad from the apple store. there wasnt much of a selection, but this case gives it the best protection compared to the black apple case. though it was a bit expensive

  3. Thanks for the review. I’ve been looking for this style case for the iPad since I have a similar style case for my iPhone (iSkin Solo) which I really like. Slippery is bad and hopefully this will cure that problem. I just ordered one from Apple and it should ship in a few days. I guess I have to wait till Sept 30 for my iPad, but the case will be waiting.

  4. Janet Cloninger

    @bgood Sept 30 is a long wait, but getting the case first is the way to go! You can put the case on the moment you take the iPad out of the box so you won’t have any slippery moments!

  5. Great review! I recently purchased the Apple iPad case. Even though it hasn’t shipped to me yet, I’m kind of regreting my choice, thanks to this specific case!

  6. I just got this for my iPad today, it is a really nice case and feels natural on the iPad, I purchased mine at the Apple Store today and put it on right after I got out of the store, I also has an Apple employee show me a Apple made case on an iPad but was not that impressed with it. this belkin case is really nice and instead of taking away from the iPads looks it add’s to it. I got the black (kinda smoke) looking one and am very satisfied with it.

  7. Went to the apple store today to get an oem case but they we’re out. I saw this one and after reading your review bought. I LOvE this case. It makes the iPad much easier to hold; also makes the iPad feel more durable/rugged.

  8. Janet Cloninger

    @Cody Joe and Mike I’m glad you both like your Belkin cases. I still love mine. It’s amazing to me how much easier it is to hold on to the iPad in that case!

    I like the Belkin case for iPad so much, I asked for the little Grip Vue in clear for my iPod touch for Mothers Day.

  9. I have just placed an order for the Belkin Grip View, in clear as well as the Belkin Pleeted Sleeve. I had my Ipad in a leather folio case for a time and really liked it. The bad thing is that the top is open where the Ipad slides in, thus leaving me worry about it sliding out as I carry it. I have not heard/read anything regarding the fit into the Pleeted Sleeve with the Grip View on. So I am anxious to find out.

  10. I really like a lot of things about this case. It’s not too bulky, it adds a nice amount of grip and cushions the edges against minor knocks.

    The one thing that drives me nuts is that it makes the screen hard to wipe off because it wraps around the edges and dirt can get under the case. Sometimes I wonder if I should have gotten something like the SwitchEasy Nude, which looks to only come up to the sides of the iPad, not wrap around to the screen. Other times, I wish I had something to prop it up for typing, like a dodopad. Alas, I think there is no perfect case for me. Need something like a Transformer!

  11. WOW the Belkin case save me more than 200 bucks….!!! I dropped it and it did not even have a scratch. My friend drop his and the screen was cracked and took him more than $200 to fix. He finally got his from ebay at a good bargain!!!

    Life saver!!!!

  12. Top quality as usual from Belkin. I bought my Ipad Belkin Grip Vue case at my local Fry’s Electonic Store in Irving Texas for $19.95. Great protection at a great price.

  13. Janet Cloninger

    @Terry Finn That’s a great price! I paid the full price, but the Grip Vue is so fabulous that I think I also got great protection at a great price – it’s that good.

    In the past, I always wanted pretty, book-style cases for my electronic devices. It’s different with my iPad. I’ve tried lots of styles of cases, and I always come back to the Belkin. It is the PERFECT case for the iPad, in my opinion.

  14. I purchased mine with my iPad when they first came out. I have loved it. I slip it in and out if my bag and have a lot easier time holding my pad than my husband does with his apple case.

    Just recently though I have seen that the color on the case is changing in places. The corners and the areas around the openings for the speaker, headphone Jack, and docking plug as well As the raised button areas have all turned a purple color.

    Has anyone else had this problem?

  15. @Victoria Wilbar The Belkin Grip Vue on my husband’s iPad has a purply-brown discolored area near the Apple logo, but that’s the only one I’ve noticed on his. I haven’t noticed any discolored areas on my Grip Vue, though. I wonder what causes the discoloration?

  16. Steve Sherwood

    I am very pleased with my Grip View Cover, and along with a screen protector my iPad still looks brand new after almost 8 months. I also purchased a clear version so that I could still see the original Apple finish, so a little miffed that the clear cover has turned quite yellow…it wasn’t cheap after all!!

    But I would still recommend anyone with an iPad to buy one of these…it not only protects, but prides excellent grip.

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