Dead Flashlights May be a Thing of the Past

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efo solarflashlightYour days of  needing to use a flashlight only to find out the batteries are dead will be over if you buy the Solar Rechargeable Flashlight from EFO. It has 7 super bright LEDs that will shine for 8hrs on a 6hr charge. Just place it in an area that receives direct sunlight and it will always be ready for use. You can buy one for $17 directly from EFO.

5 thoughts on “Dead Flashlights May be a Thing of the Past”

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  2. I know this is a bit unfair…but isn’t this like a fire starter that requires a campfire to work?

    This would probably be a decent device for camping and some emergency situations. Not sure where you would want to store it in a home to keep it charged…maybe hang it as part of a wind chime?

  3. Thats pretty cool.. Now how about a stand and mini solar panel on the end of an extension..
    I could hang the extension out of the window and have a desklamp that works all night!!

    Then maybe I can give the local energy provider the finger, stupid increasing energy costs can go to hell.

  4. @Gregory Beckman :
    You do know solar power works on light. As in it being day time not it being a nice sunny day. So this would still be useful in Alaska.

  5. I own one of these. It sits on my window sill in my sunniest window. It stays charged without issue. I also own a number of ‘hand powered’ LED flashlights. The best one is a cheap Chinese model stocked by target during the holiday season as a stocking stuffer. Keeps a great charge with little effort. Along with my hand crank short wave radio, I am all set for power outages.

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