Lightsaber Duel, USB Style

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lightsaber thumb driveThinkGeek has been steadily importing Star Wars ephemera from across the pond for quite some time, making available goods that would never have previously seen the light of day stateside.  And honestly, how did we live for so long before without our lightsaber chopsticks?  Their latest offering is in the form of  lightsaber-shaped USB drives, and I honestly can’t imagine how this wasn’t thought of sooner.  Padawans have a choice between Darth Vader’s red saber and Luke’s green.  Both sabers will glow its respective color when inserted into a USB port and would seem to be the perfect compliment to any geek’s Star Wars Mimobot collection.  The only gripe would be the scant 1GB storage capacity, but let’s be honest, we’re buying them for their looks not really their practical function.  The lightsabers are available through ThinkGeek for $19.99.

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