So, who has lost that (iPad) lovin’ feeling???

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With our wait for the iPad half (or a third) over, how many of you have reconsidered purchasing Apple’s iPad? Deciding it is too much of a niche product, you’d never use it, spend your money on one of the new MacBooks (aka a real computer), wait to see what other devices come to the tablet party, etc??? Part of me believes Steve & Company missed the mark not having the iPad ready to sell the first day or week after the announcement…..when the frenzy was at its peek and the long awaited, mythical tablet device magically appeared. If Steve’s ‘one more thing’ was the fact that the iPad was available that day, the insanity at your local Apple store would have been historic. But as we all know, a two to three month wait for most tech devices can definitely cause them to loose momentum.

When I ask friends if they are going to buy the iPad, most have switched from ‘you bet’ to ‘I want to see what you think of it’ or ‘I want to play with it at the Apple Store first’. So, I guess my question to you all is: are you still leaning forward on purchasing an iPad or going to wait/pass on it (and if so why)?

37 thoughts on “So, who has lost that (iPad) lovin’ feeling???”

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  2. As much as I want it (for the “just because” factor), I’m going to wait on the 2nd gen version. I was really hoping for a camera and ichat functionality. But if I do get it then I will get the 3G version. I just don’t know anymore…I want it for the “cool” factor. But expect more functionality for the price I’m paying.

  3. Something tells me that the iPad just won’t be as perfect as Steve and co. are making it out to be. There’ll be teething issues I think, plus there’s a distinct lack of functionality/gadgetry that is expected these days (camera etc…) so I think I’ll pass….. for now anyway. Maybe the next gen will sway me.

  4. I am not sure if I would pick it up. I may have to wait for it to come out. My Feeling though is that Apple should have had this out when Tablets first came out. Now a days most people are looking for those netbooks. Easy to use on a desk or on your lap. With the iPad you would have to lay the tablet down to use it. I had this nifty Toshiba convertible laptop that was a laptop and you could also swivel the screen to be a tablet. It was a novel idea. But I didnt really have a need to use it as a tablet..just my 2 cents..haha

  5. I could care less about the “cool”. I want and need a content consumption device. The iPad will be my first Apple purchase ever. I spent years loathing Apple. But everything about the iPad makes me want to scream “I may be a PC, but the iPad was MY idea.” 🙂

  6. I’m the opposite, actually. I was in the, “It’s a large ipod touch?” category on day one. In the time that’s passed I’m daily noticing how convenient the ipad would be for certain things I’m doing. “Coolness” was never an issue, but as I think about how the functionality, form factor, portability, and size could fit into my life, I want one more and more.

  7. Still plan on ordering the 64GB 3G model as soon as it goes up on the store.

    In general, I don’t think the delay will hurt the iPad. The even longer delay between the 1st iPhone announce and its availability didn’t hurt it. Also, it’s not like Apple had the choice to have the iPad available on announce – it has to go through FCC approval, and the last thing Apple wanted was the device being “announced” through that public process (again, same reason they pre-announced the iPhone).

  8. I want it even though I was really hoping for the front facing cam and chat features. The only thing giving me real pause in buying it is the specter of the Adam Tablet totally kicking it’s but a couple of months later.

  9. I want to buy the cheapest version to use as a portable browser (and gaming device) in the house. I just need to convince my wife… I’d then expect to get the top of the line version of the 2nd or 3rd generation.

  10. I’m in the same boat as David. My initial reaction to the iPad was “nah, I’ll skip this one and maybe get version 2.” But since then my opinion has slowly changed. This device is going to be incredibly useful.

    The more I think about the iPad the more I realize how brilliant Steve Jobs is. (I don’t know if I qualify as a fanboy. The only Apple device I own is an iPhone.) Announcing exactly what the product is 2 months before it goes on sale is also brilliant. I think the time is allowing people to get over the missing bells and whistles, and start realizing just how useful this simple and elegant device will be.

  11. I’m with Noah. I’m getting the $499 version now (I can’t wait to pre-order it) and then the full fledged out if and when they announce the iChat ready version. I only have an iPhone so I’m not a fanboy, but I use the phone for so many things and the iPad will be perfect for the expanded usage. Can’t. Wait.

  12. I am on the fence with the iPad. I think it is a bit like all *new* Apple products – more flash (!) than substance. Second gen is probably what is going to make me fork out my cash. I can live without a camera, but honestly, the thing screams for a stylus. I think Apple got it all wrong here. I have most versions of the hardware Apple has thrown at us over the past decade or so, but the one thing that i really like about the competition is that there have been real leaps in the tablet technology that I have been using all this while – I miss the ability to write and scribble on Apple computers. That’s the killer functionality needed for this form factor – just look at the Anoto technology and you can see why the next gen should really be iScribe.

  13. If for one till not be purchasing. With the way Apple is locking down on “jail broken” phones. And the Tablet will be following the iPhone marketing/software method. No 3rd party non apple approved applications can be installed. I do not want my tablet being limited to ONLY the software Apple deems acceptable for it to run. Granted it will be jailbroken, just like the iphone, but having to nuke your phone/tablet every time a new OS comes out, loose functionality anytime the company decides they want to lock it, etc. Then “jail break” it again, and repeat steps. And now that Apple is starting to ban jail broken devices from the apple store, it leaves you with a phone/tablet that is useless. (and yes I know there is a patch to get past this as well, but it will only be another xx months until Apple blocks that one as well)

  14. I really just cannot see the point to it.

    For most of the functions people are talking about using it for I would use my phone (for all those always on functions), otherwise it would be my laptop or console. And no I definitely don’t see the iPad doing away with either of three items, as it doesn’t do any one of them particularly well.

    I can sometimes understand e-books (prefer to just use my phone due to its compact size – as I am guy and usually only have pockets no bag)

  15. – No multi-tasking
    – No Flash support
    – Not even a full fledged web browser?

    Three reasons why I’ll wait it out. As much as I would like it for e-reading, music, video and apps, I can’t justify dropping that much money with that missing functionality. Chat and video would be great, but aren’t show stoppers for me.

    And, like @Andrew Baker mentioned, the whole Apple ecosystem grates on my nerves a bit. I love my iPhone, but I’m not sure I want to dive any deeper into that pool just yet.

  16. I will definitely be getting one. Probably the 16GB+3G. AT&T really sucked 8-10 months ago here, but I haven’t had many problems at all. A few dropped calls, but no where near what it was, plus 3G has been faster than some free wifi here too.

    I j/b my iPhone 3G in Oct. and liked some of the “pluses” but it crashed a lot (springboard re-sprung) The only thing I really miss is related to Simplify Music 2 (backgrounding + lock screen controls.) I never tethered or anything.

    By Christmas, I had un-j/b it and I’ve enjoyed the “experience” of it NOT respringing several times a day. Overall it just runs smoother.

    I agree that it would be a hassle to update the OS just to wait for a j/b version to come out. Although, it was nearly 6 months between updates this last time (and only a 3.1.x update at that.)

    Unless there was a MAJOR need to j/b, I personally wouldn’t go through the hassle again. (iPhone OR iPad.) I don’t feel like lose anything.

    wait. the iPhone OS unmodified is “useless”?


  17. I mentioned that if your banned from the apple store for having jail broken your iPhone/iPad, you have no way to get software on it anymore, or get updates, so it then does become useless.

  18. I’ll probably not grab one right away, but it’s of interest to me for sure. I’m hoping there is a refresh of the iPhone with the A4 chip in the summer, and am holding off my iPhone (3G currently) update for that model. If there is the performance improvement I’m anticipating for that, I may not need an iPad, but I may get one for my Lovely Bride by next holiday. She needs one, but doesn’t want to admit it.

  19. I have some reservations (no camera for chat, no windowed multitasking) and I’m going to play with one before making up my mind, but I’ll probably get the base model. I had been considering hackintoshing a Dell mini 10v, but once the iPad was announced I decided to wait for it instead.

    Why would I spend $500 for an oversized 16GB iPod touch rather than $250 for a netbook?

    Because netbooks, though adequate tools for many tasks, aren’t any fun to use. They’re sluggish, have low resolution, tiny keyboards, and tiny touchpads. Netbooks are more portable than a full sized laptop, but still heavy enough to be inconvenient to lug around (especially since you often have to bring a power brick with a netbook).

    More to the point is that mapping, planetarium, photo, and drawing apps, RTS games, and general browsing ought to be a blast on a large, lightweight capacitance multitouch device.

    Everyone is up in arms of the lack of flash, but I view that as a minor drawback since a hackintoshed 10v has trouble streaming Netflix smoothly anyway. My biggest concern is over Apple’s closed ecosystem and their application approval process… if they don’t start being more transparent, I could see myself ditching the iPad for an Adam tablet next year.

  20. I was on the fence when they were first announced but now I think I’ll get the cheapest one with WiFi only when they come out– mostly to play with at home. I think they have great potential for kids’ education so even if I hate it, it might be perfect for my kid. If they improve it, I might spring for the high-end one in Gen 2 or 3 and it will be all for me! =)

  21. Was disappointed as to what it was when first announced (wasn’t everybody? Too much hype for ANYTHING to live up to) But casually reviewed and contemplated what it will do and what it can’t do, still trying to figure out why I would ever want one . . . built me a Dell Hackintosh instead . . . 2Gigs RAM, 160 GB storage, Licensed version of Snow Leopard (yes, EULA violation-sorry Apple) all for less than 300 dollars new . . iChat video works great, runs MS Office very well, Flash support, prints, 3 USB ports, Card reader (built in with no dongle thingy) can use Win XP if necessary (rarely needed of course) etc etc etc . . . I really don’t want or need one of these.
    I predict a big failure, but I do hope I’m wrong for Apple’s sake.

  22. I will get one eventually. Though my wife and I are still rocking our first-gen iPhone and this is the year we need to upgrade those devices. Hoping for a big upgrade for those, but even if it isn’t “transcendental” I don’t want to grab the 3GS when the new model should be here this summer. The iPad may be a Christmas gift for us.

  23. I was on the fence before the iPad was announced as a Real Thing, but after the keynote, I decided that I want one. I still do. I have $500 earmarked for the low-end model, and I’ll be ordering it as soon as I get the email notifying me that pre-orders are open.

    I figure that, even in the worst case scenario (the thing is a flop and I don’t enjoy using it as it was designed), somebody will have this thing jailbroken within weeks, and then I can do whatever I want with it.

  24. I’ll get one if it runs the Kindle Reader app. (I want to continue buying books from Amazon in part because of the better prices and in part so I can share books with my wife who has a Kindle.)

  25. I went with the 13″ Mac Book Pro, I was going for the ipad but I can’t do it, missing some important things I needed, a Camera, Flash, maybe the next round I’ll thing about IT!

  26. I will buy the 3g version as soon as it is available. If it a version 1, I will buy it regardless, then purchase the upgrade or buy a version 2 when it comes out. I have a 17″ MBP so this will be my Apple Light version, perfect for a little portable action at my favorite coffee shop, or while on the go. Most Apple consumers have multiple iterations of Apple products anyway. There isn;t that much functional difference among items, or among nonApple products for that matter. Nearly every company seems to be converging around the instant needs of an increasingly digitially literate consumer. I don’t expect any surprises when this thing comes out, except for more refinements as per usual with Apple. It is the first of its kind and will usher in the new tablet era. I expect there will be Android and other copycats, some of which will surpass the IPad in functionality, if not in terms of relative ecosystem. People are moving toward smaller digital machines, even at the expense of power and depth of functionality. The IPad is emblematic of this trend. In two years time, we will have moved on to even more “initimate”, task enhancing, consumer devices.

  27. So I’m an old guy, can’t get used to watching movies on a small screen, don’t do social networking, believe a computer should be a tool, not a fashion accessory. No doubt, due to Apple’s relentless hype, the iPad will be a must have, particulary in trendzoid Los Angeles.

  28. @Deslock – for well under $500 you can get a netbook that will support HD video playback, something the iPad won’t do.

    Also, you complain of tiny keyboards. Have you considered that the touch screen keyboard on the iPad is going to have all sorts of issues? First, from what little I have seen you won’t be able to comfortably type with your thumbs a la the iPhone. The keyboard is too large and spread out. I’ve also heard that the back of the iPad is curved so it won’t lay flat on a table top making touch typing problematic.

    I love the “idea” of the iPad but I think Apple has missed the mark on this one and it’s going to cost them some marketshare if the Windows tablets are any good. I’m not a big HP fan but the iSlate from HP looks better for my needs than the iPad.

  29. TC wrote on February 25, 2010 at 9:00 pm:

    > @Deslock – for well under $500 you can get a netbook that
    > will support HD video playback, something the iPad won’t do.”

    I’ve put Ubuntu remix on a netbook and it wasn’t any better than running XP or Windows 7. Chrome OS and Android look interesting, but they’re a ways off from being usable on a tablet.

    For netbooks, that leaves OSX and the Dell mini 10v is the best one for hackintoshing (due to the older GPU). Unfortunately, it will not handle HD flash video playback smoothly (also due to the older GPU).

    TC wrote on February 25, 2010 at 9:00 pm:

    > Also, you complain of tiny keyboards. Have you considered that
    > the touch screen keyboard on the iPad is going to have all sorts
    > of issues? First, from what little I have seen you won’t be able
    > to comfortably type with your thumbs a la the iPhone. The
    > keyboard is too large and spread out. I’ve also heard that the
    > back of the iPad is curved so it won’t lay flat on a table top
    > making touch typing problematic.
    > I love the “idea” of the iPad but I think Apple has missed the
    > mark on this one and it’s going to cost them some
    > marketshare if the Windows tablets are any good. I’m not a
    > big HP fan but the iSlate from HP looks better for my needs
    > than the iPad.

    I’m looking at this from a completely different angle as you. If I’m going to code or write anything lengthy, I’d obviously use a hardware keyboard. But the iPad is not intended for large amounts of text input, rather, it’s designed primarily for human interaction through onscreen menus and gestures (usually without using a keyboard, be it onscreen or hardware).

    With netbooks so far, the OS is not designed for finger input on the screen and you have to use the tiny keyboard and tiny mousepad. Even if you get a touchscreen netbook (or the upcoming HP Slate), you’ll still have to put up with a GUI meant for a mouse/keyboard. And the device will get poor-mediocre battery life and be too heavy/awkward to use while walking around (laptops and netbooks can be 2 to 7 pounds because you generally don’t hold them while using them).

    As it stands, only the iPad and Adam interest me. Other tablets are too heavy (JooJoo, probably HP Slate, others?); have small, low resolution screens (Dell mini 5, Archos 7); or have poor battery life (Archos 9, Lenovo U1, JooJoo, probably HP Slate).

  30. I want an updated version… between my Kindle, 32 gig touch, windows laptop and snow leopard dell mini, I’m covered for a while…

  31. Wanted one at first but the more I thought, the more I wanted a camera for video conferencing! Since I got to wait , I’ll wait for a camera!

  32. As I already have a netbook then I’ll wait – if Version 2 comes out with a front-camera than I’ll probably get one – when I travel on business, I use my netbook to video Skype with my wife and I don’t see the point in carrying a netbook AND an iPad. I have watched DVDs on my iPod Touch, so using the iPad for the same job certainly appeals, as does the option of light Office-type work [which I do on my netbook & Touch already].

    For me to buy one, it would need to fully replace my netbook – and that means I must be able to do video Skype.

  33. Nope – have my 10v hackintosh running snow leopard and wouldn’t think about selling. Watch avi/ divx movies on it all the time and it’s perfect. Why would you need to watch HD on a 10 inch screen? – you can’t see a difference. So many times Im checking mail on my iPhone, get a link and what do you know – can’t see it due to flash or some other garbage. I can accept lousy Internet browsing on it because it’s a phone but on a supposed “media device” – no way. Hackintoshed I can do about 90% of what my MacBook can do at a quarter of the price. There are also times I need to use windows for various software – the hackintoshed has dual bout of windows 7 – ipad nope. Also I’m way to ADHD, as is most of America not to have multi tasking.

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