Find Your Lost Pet with PAW and the Spotlight GPS Pet Locator App for iPhone

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spotlight GPS pet locator appA company named Positioning Animals Worldwide, Inc. (PAW), partnered with The American Kennel Club Companion Animal Recovery program, already has a method of tracking the location of your cat or dog.  You purchase a small GPS location unit that attaches to your animal’s collar, and a paid monthly service lets you see where your dog (or cat) is.  If Fido or Fluffy moves outside your pre-defined “safe” areas, you get an alarm email or text message.  You can then log on to the PAW website to so see where your pet is – but there’s no guarantee your pet will stay at that location until you get there.  PAW has introduced the Spotlight GPS Pet Locator iPhone app that allows you to track your dog, turn by turn, as you drive to pick him up.  The app is free, but a PAW GPS locator and service are required.

4 thoughts on “Find Your Lost Pet with PAW and the Spotlight GPS Pet Locator App for iPhone”

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  2. Thank you Janet for the information. I also want to recommend Spotlight A-GPS Pet Locator, which can send email & text alerts whenever our pet leaves the safety zones, thus it prevents our dog from moving away from home. This pet tracking device keeps us tension free regarding our dog’s security & whereabouts.

  3. Janet Cloninger

    @Spencer I’m glad you found something that helps you keep your pet safe. Our boy is an indoor dog and only goes out on a leash with us, but I’d definitely want something like this if he had a chance to wander off during the day. I’d be devastated if I came home and he was gone.

  4. Hello From the Isle of Wight
    This prduct sounds OK, but does it extend to the UK?
    I’m living on the Isle of Wight, have a straying cat, lost for over a month and miraclously found over 20 miles away.
    Regards Jan

  5. @jan harper whale Since this product is done in conjunction with the American Kennel Club and requires you to also purchase a service, this particular product/service probably isn’t available in the UK. You might be able to find a similar product for the UK, though.

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