Manage Cable Bundles with Flexi Ties

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I noticed these thick flexible twistie ties while thumbing through the latest CyberGuys catalog that came in the mail the other day. These padded twists look much more elegant than the paper coated ties I sometimes use that come with trash bags. Flexi Ties are available in Black, Orange and Grey, as well as 5, 7 and 14 inch lengths. Prices range from $8.95 – $12.95.

7 thoughts on “Manage Cable Bundles with Flexi Ties”

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  2. beentheredonethat

    I think the FlexiTies are kind of silly. As Andrew H. points out, the velcro-type ties are much better. They weigh nothing and add no bulk. But there is no need to pay exorbitant prices for cute little die-cut versions which, being one length, are also guaranteed to be mostly the wrong size.

    Buy the material by the roll. I like a version called “Strap-It” that I bought at a local electronic store that specializes in pro audio equipment. The “hook” side of the material is not as aggressive as Velcro brand hooks, so it’s more pleasant to handle.

    Here is a link to the Strap-It product: and something that looks similar from Velcro: (BTW I have used as a supplier and been very pleased. I know nothing about except that they popped up on a search for Strap-It.)

    In addition to using it as a loose strip, you can also wrap the end around one strand of cable, either counting on the hook/loop engagement, using hot melt glue (better), or sewing it (best). This keeps the tie from wandering away when its not in use.

  3. PLEASE don’t use the paper- or vinyl-coated twist ties on electrical cords. A bit of flexing, esp. on older power cords where the plastic/rubber is brittle, and you have either a short (fire?) caused by the twist-tie cutting through both conductors, or the twist-tie becomes “hot” and could cause a shock to you, children, pets.

  4. In response to beentheredonethat:

    I own some double-sided velcro rolls, too (did I mention the junkie part?), but, I find myself preferring premade velcro fasteners for the main reason that they are easier to cinch tightly, since they have a “buckle” to pull through. The buckle is especially handy when I have one hand holding a bundle of wires together, and only one hand left to hold the velcro (I can grab the free end with my teeth and cinch it tight).

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